$$$$$$ hell.... hell.....$$$$$$hell.......  

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$$$$$$ hell.... hell.....$$$$$$hell.......

$$$ HELL... HELL... HELL $$$

Lawyer: For a sufficient fee, I can get you out of Hell.
Doctor: Yes, it is definitely Hell, $99.95, please.
Mechanic: This is Hell!... it will be $500.66

Shakespeare: Hell does exit... even if I don't believe on it.
Einstein: Hell is relative... but I can go to it!.
Washington: I can't tell a lie... Hell does exist.
Nixon: Hell?... I don't know anything about it!.
Bush: Read my lips: Hell for you and for me.
Clinton: Hell is Monica.

Catholic: I can go to Hell, you can go to Hell.
Protestant: I am saved... even if I lie, or steal, or kill!.
Orthodox: To Hell go the "idiots" who don't sing to God.
Charismatic: You can go to Hell, but I love you anyway.
Lutheran: To Hell?... as long as I am sorry it's okay.
Anglican: Only Lutherans go to Hell.
Episcopalian: If I go to Hell, I make a procession.
Southern Baptist: If I go to Hell, praise the Lord!.
Calvinist: I go to Hell if I don't work hard enough.
Adventist: If no Saturday... Hell.
Mormon: Our Hell is better than yours.
Jehova's Witness: Knock, knock... go to Hell!.
Moonies: Only happy Hell happens.
Teleevangelist: Your Tax-deductible donation will get you out of Hell.

Jew: No money... that's Hell!
Muslim: If I go to Hell, it is the will of Allah.
Hindu: I got to Hell before.
Buddhist: It is a beautiful Hell
Zen Buddhist: What is the sound of Hell?.
Hare Krishna: Please take this flower, and go to Hell.
Shintoist: You inherit your ancestor's Hell.
Zoroastrianism: I go to Hell half way.

Voodoo: Hell is me to get you!.
Satanist: I pray you all go to Hell.
Astrologer: If you don't pay me, you go to Hell.
Spiritualist: Hell is in your heart... the Spirits!.

New Age: Hell is mine, for you!.
Freemason: If you reveal a funny "secret", you go to Hell.
Scientology: If you leave us, you go to Hell.
Dianetics: Why do I go to Hell?... see p.243.
Atheist: Hell is to live on Earth.
Communist: Hell is everyday.
Agnostic: I am not "sure"?... it is Hell!.
est: You are responsible for Hell.
Stoicist: Hell is to good for me.
Existencialist: Going to Hell is "positive".
Deism: I go to Hell, therfore I am.

Alcoholic: I go to Hell one day at a time.
Mystic: It is really a weird Hell!.
Capitalist: Going to Hell is going to cost you.
Psychologist: Hell is in your mind... but it is!

Bible: "Many" go to Hell (Matt.7:13, 7:22, 22:14),
Koran: Hell is the home of unbelievers evildoers.

He who is in Hell... was an idiot in his only life on Hearth!.

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