A Wonderful Day  

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3/4/2006 5:43 pm

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A Wonderful Day

I was nervous again getting dressed. Partly it was because my husband leaves for work at varied hours and I had committed to meeting Greg at 8 at his office, about 15 minutes from my house.

I got up early, walked the dog, and subtly woke up my husband a little earlier than normal. I was in luck because he apparently had an early meeting so he left promptly at 7:30. I raced upstairs, changed clothes, threw on some perfume (no makeup, I don't wear makeup) and drove over to Greg's office.

When I got there, it hit me that I didn't really no where to meet. I ended up parking in visitor parking and walked up the down the sidewalk waiting. I felt like a stupid teenager waiting for a prom date! Anyway, just after 8, Greg drove up, saw me, and smiled.

He was driving one of those hybrid Priuses which is funny since he had carpool stickers and didn't need a carpool buddy. He told me later that the funnier part was that we were heading to Ventura and there was no carpool lane anyway! Anyway, he parked, got out, said hello, and then walked around the passenger side to open the door and let me in.

I *loved* the way he leered at my legs when I got into the car. I was glad I had chosen a short skirt like he asked. It was a very short (very short) dress that I hadn't worn in years and I was wearing a white silk blouse over it. The last time I had worn the dress I was 23 but it still held onto it (and it still fit pretty well). I could tell that Greg liked it and that made me chuckle a little AND feel more relaxed and in control.

Greg got it and off we went. At first, the conversation was awkward. I mean, it wasn't like I was going to lean over and blow him in the car and it sounded like we had a long drive ahead. Finally, I just started asking him questions about where we were going and what he was doing. That broke the ice though he said that he always felt so shallow talking about work as if that was what defines a person.

Greg's company owns and develops a bunch of commercial real estate and Greg is responsible for several projects. Today, we were apparently heading to a property in Ventura that was part shopping center, part office building, and Greg had to assess the possibility of breaking up a large retail space (8000 sq ft) into smaller spaces.

It sounds really boring as I write it, but he described it in very intricate detail such that though I wasn't enthralled, I found it interesting. I suppose all jobs are interesting when you really learn about them and understanding the tradeoffs between fixed CAM (Common Area Maintenance, I learned), long term leases, national vs. local tenants, signage restrictions, parking lot spaces per square foot, etc. was very enlightening. Made me think real differently about all of the places I shop.

He was a superb and patient "teacher." Never pedantic, but not overly complex either. It was kinda like a real estate class taught by a college professor.

He was also a very calm driver. No sudden turns, always signaled, really in control. It allowed me to totally focus on the conversation and before I knew it, we had arrived at the center. What a shithole!

I know that sounds bad, but I guess I had pictured a huge shopping center with a Costco and a Target. Instead, it had a liquor store, mattress store, dentist, pizza joint, doughnut shop, and a bunch of other small retail shops that I would never go into. The 8000 square foot space had the biggest, tackiest, FOR RENT sign I've ever seen and there was some graffiti on of the side walls.

Greg laughed when I told him how I felt and said "Welcome to the Real World." Jerk. Anyway, I'm not really a snob it's just that I expected Greg to be involved with really high class stuff. He saw my discomfort and told me I could wait in the car. Of course I said no and walked behind him.

The shop's were just beginning to open and one by one, shop by shop, Greg walked into each store and talked to each of the shopkeepers, mostly owners. He knew each of them by name, and he started a conversation. "How is business," "What can I do to help," "How are the new maintenance guys working out," etc. It was really nice because here I had thought he was a slumlord when really he was just a nice landlord trying to do good by his tenants. In the liquor store, after we made our greetings, he told the owner he was going on the roof and told me wait for him. But I followed anyway.

He laughed, lead me to the backroom of the store (which really was vile, with day-old food just lying around uncovered), pulled open a hatch, and pointed toward a dirty ladder and told me to climb. I started up the letter and looked down to watch him leering again (short skirt, remember). Anyway, I got on the roof and he came after. I had never been on a roof like this before. All gravely with huge air conditioners. I asked him if this was his fantasy, to take me on the roof, and he started laughing.

No, he said, we were on the roof so he check the grease traps over one of the restaurants and see if they were empyting it on a regular basis. How romantic. He then explained to me how an air conditioner (he called it an HVAC unit) worked--compressors, coils, heat transfers, very technical. But I had always taken cool air for granted so it was again, very interesting.

We got down and continued our tour. At the dry cleaners (owned by an old Korean couple), the daughter was working and I could tell by her banter with Greg that they had a flirtatious relationship (obviously, he likes Asians). It was funny, but I was jealous and I could tell that she was a little jealous of me. Weird.

At the mattress store (this is where it gets sexy, so if I've bored you up until now, sorry), he had embraced the guy who owned the store. Apparently, the guy's wife had just died of cancer and Greg had allowed him to close the store for a month without paying rent and was very grateful. Greg told him that he could him back with a favor. It was around 11:30 and Greg asked him to close the store for an hour and "go to lunch" and that Greg would hold down the fort. The man, who was around 70, snickered and said, "oh, to be young again." He then smiled at me, flipped the cardboard sign from OPEN to CLOSED and exited the store.

Greg laughed, flipped the bolt lock, spread his arms and said, "welcome to my bedroom." I laughed and flopped down on one of the mattresses (a really soft pillow top mattress).

It was really bright in the room with soft radio music playing in the background. Greg walked over and stood in front of me. He was wearing slacks and a cashmere sweater He put out his hand and beckoned me (really, it was a beckoning!). He grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. I was giggling a bit and then he brought my face in close and we started to kiss.

Very slow, slightly wet, very soft kisses. Delicious kisses, the kind that when your tongues touch, it's almost like a dessert. Where you feel the muscles of the tongue clench, and the softness of the lips; the kind of kisses that melt you, that make your mind focus only on the feelings in your mouth. I could have kissed like this for hours and I really don't know how long it was. It was only when I felt his hands start to caress my shoulders and back that I actually realized where I was again and came back down to Earth.

He started to rub my back and sides very softly and the feelings were very intense. I was enormously turned on, but not in a needy way, more in anticipation than anything else. Greg began unbuttoning my blouse and as he started, he broke the kiss. He stepped back a little and looked me straight in the eye as he undid one button at a time. It was so different than what normally happens. Usually, the undressing is part of kissing and it's very sloppy. This was different. It was intentional, and forceful, and pre-meditated. Greg was going to strip me naked and I was submitting completely. When my shirt was unbuttoned he took it off my shoulders, folded it neatly, and placed on one of the other mattresses. He then kneeled down, grasped the bottom of my dress, and started rolling it up my body.

When it got to my stomack he used his elbows to raise my arms in the air and he finished taking off my dress with my hands straight up in the air. It was a little cold but the biggest thing was how vulnerable and totally naked I felt. I've been naked lots of times, but this was so raw I was literally tingling. With almost no hoopla, he took off my panties and put them on the bed next to my folded dress. I was utterly naked.

I started breathing real hard and he pulled me toward him and started kissing me again. It was the same yummy kisses but this time, his hands were running all over my body and it was electric. My breasts were rubbing against his soft sweater and I could feel his hardness. Each time his hands found their way to my butt his fingers would graze me and I would shudder. He began to kiss beyond my lips--my neck, my cheeks, my shoulders, and then my breasts. Oh, yes! He made my breasts fell like heaven. He would lightly lick each of the nipples while his other hand would caress the other. He also kissed the side of my breasts which are soooo sensitive. I was gasping at one point but the sexiest part was that I could tell he was enjoying himself as much as I was. It made ME feel so sexy and again, so in control, knowing my body was giving him such pleasure.

After a while, he lifted me up and lightly placed me on the mattress, on my back. He took off my shoes, pulled me to the edge of the bed, put a pillow on the floor, sank to his knees and began to kiss. There weren't any pretenses, nor was it crazy aggressive. He kissed me between my legs the same way he kissed my lips. Softly, velvety. By this time, I was so relaxed and felt totally uninhibited and was able to orgasm several times and used my hands to guide his head, my legs to pull him close, and my voice to tell him what to do. YES, YES, THERE! SLOWER! DEEPER! USE YOUR FINGERS! STOP FOR A SECOND! YES! I don't ordinarily like oral sex that much, but this was amazing. Every few minutes he would look up at me and smile in a loving way and then continue.

Finally, I could take no more and I set up. He got to his feet and I began to undress him. He had removed his shoes and socks already (must have been during the oral sex), and I started by taking off his sweater and then his undershirt. I think I mentioned earlier, but he has a really nice body. Not body builder type, but taut everywhere, sinewy muscles, and well defined. I sotly rubbed his chest (he has a thin sheeth of hair on his chest) and began to kiss his nipples while I rubbed his abs, which are nice and hard; though they don't have that 6-pack look, they feel like it!

He wasn't wearing a belt and as I started to unbutton his pants, I could see his cock peaking out near his belly button. To me, he's enormous. Maybe 9 or 10 inches and as thick around. I know there's a lot of guys who are bigger, but I don't think I could even handle that. Anyway, I let his pants fall down and loved to look at him this way. He has really muscular thighs and every time I touched his cock through his underwear his leg muscles clenched revealing this enormous muscles so I enjoyed that game for a while!

Finally, I pulled down his underwear with my mouth (and my hands a little), pushed him to sit down on the bed, fell on MY knees on the pillow, and engulfed him. Wonderful... I think he really liked it judging by his little, cute moans, but he didn't say much. I did my best to lick him softly, to take him as deep as I could, and each time I heard one of his moans, I looked up at him and smiled. After around 10 minutes, he pulled me up, kissed me again, and we sat together on the edge of the bed.

He grabbed his pants on the floor, reached into his pocket, got a condom, undid it, and rolled it on. It was clinical but I liked the way it was all a foregone conclusion. He started kissing me again and hugging me until we ended up on the the bed in a spooning position, which is how he entered me. I was very aroused and it went in smoothly. He started with very slow, shallow strokes, and gradually increased to much deeper, yet still very slow strokes.

After a few minutes of this, he slowly rolled me over so we were in a "doggy" position and that's how we spent the next half an hour. I cannot even describe how perfect it was. Long, deep, slow strokes. His hands on my hips, shoulders, rubbing my hair, leaning over to kiss my lips, my shoulders, the small of my back. Very early on he reached one of his hands around and started using his fingers on my clit. Ohhhhhhhh.

It was constant arousal. Constant pleasure. I was writhing the whole time I think and I can't even remember all the dirty things I said. Completely unlike me, normally, but in this case, it was just instinct, reaction. After about 30 minutes I couldn't take anymore. I was literally exhausted and told him to cum for me. "Your wish is my command," he said, and he started thrusting fast, really fast, until a minute or so later he yelped, grabbed me around my whole body, and I could feel him convulse as we collapsed on our sides again.

He kissed my shoulders softly, holding me tightly, and I fell asleep almost instantly. I know this only because I woke up when the store owner banged on the glass and said "I'm Back." Greg, who had obviously fallen asleep as well, jumped up, yelled for him to give us a minute, and shook me softly.

We dressed quickly, both smiling at each other. After we were dressed, Greg kissed me lightly, grabbed my hand, lead me to the front door, and undid the lock. The owner walked in, shaking his head knowingly, and Greg said thanks, and that he'd see him next month.

I was still in a daze when we got in the car. It was about 1:00 and Greg asked me if I was hungry. We drove to a little Mexican restaurant that he knew and he ordered a couple of really yummy seafood burritos and beers. We ate quickly, neither of us saying much, just talking a little about the restaurant and our mutual love of Mexican food.

We got back in the car and headed back to LA. We started holding hands after we got on the freeway and then, and I'm embarrassed about this, I fell asleep in the car. I only woke up when we started doing some of the wider turns in Malibu (he took PCH back). I was still half-asleep though, and just reveled in that great after-sex feeling and enjoying holding his hand looking out the window at the water and the mountains.

When we got back to his office I felt very lonely all of the sudden. It's crazy. He was going back to work and then home to his wife. I was going to go home to my husband. But I felt a longing. It was a truly wonderful day and I didn't want it to end. He drove me to my car, walked me to the door, and closed it for me. I rolled down the window and he said, "Thank you for such a wondeful day." He then kissed me lightly and told me we'd do it again soon.

As I drove home, I was smiling part of the time and sad the other half. Anyone who saw me in the car would have thought I was crazy. As I look back on that day, I think that was one of the best days Greg and I ever had together. Especially today now that we don't see each other anymore (long story that I'll get to eventually), I look back at that day as one of the most wonderful days of my life.

pursuitoflover 55M

3/7/2006 4:10 pm

I can only say one thing. "WOW"

rm_69okforme2 49M
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3/8/2006 11:43 am

Amazing story, by reading it it is very obvious how intelligent of a woman you are. Really enjoyed you sharing your experience. It's wonderful to hear that people are making great connections. But beware that your lust doesn't cloud your thoughts. You may get caught and you may not even realize that you want to be caught, some make that mistake of not erasing thier trails and thinking that, "oh I'll never get found out". Just watch yourself, you seem like a very fun person to hang out with, and I think...by reading your experiences, you are and shall be committed to you personal relationship. You said that you felt jealous of his wife, well shit I fell jealous of him, he has been able to connect with an incredibly smart and sexy woman. Keep it real!!!!!!!!!!!1

IrishGypsyChild 30

10/22/2006 12:10 am

Isn't it SO mice when a man makes you feel sexy just for being you? *sigh* I know what you mean... oh nostalgia. And I'm only 19! *GASP!* If I'm losing that kind of stuff this early... oh dear oh dear. >^.^<

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