when karma least expects it  

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4/7/2006 1:57 pm
when karma least expects it

As I told you last night I dont not like you being away from me for a long period of time. I like to know where your at what you are doig who you are talking to and be sure noone is trying to take my girl from out under neath me because that would send me over the edge. I think back ya know I have like several girls in my life but to love them and desire to be with them not just on a sex level but with you it comes so easy for me to love and adore you. You arde a huge part of my life and witout you now It would take me a long time to deal with that. And about Eddies chick no I am cool with it as long as she does not think she will be preying on you then I will have a huge problem with that. You are mine and thats that and noone will step on my toes when it comes to you.

I want you too know I want to be in the situation where you can count on me for everything you need it may not be tommorow or a month from now but in due time. You comlpete my life. When I say I am taking everything day to day its only because I cannot continue feeling the way i feel and revolving my world around russ although alot of times i feel thats the only thing that is on my mind. I beleive in mind i could love him for ever, I beleive that I could make him so happy. But at the same time can I really do those things and could he give it back to me.

Then I think okay we DO have a spark between us and there is something there but maybe when we talked and he said it was the kiss, is he telling me that he wants that from me without notice without plan, or is it just a way of letting me go without hurting me because he is not the kind of man to hurt anyone. Are we speaking more freely towards one another because we are at the point were we are tired of a lie, do we really belong toghether. Then he looks at me at times, and its a look of wanting I see it, I love when he brings his beutiful eyes to mine, *blushing* . I beleive our ride to Richmond will be the time we discuss things.

Okay now moving on I never want to come across weak to you, I have my moments where I am at the end and need cry and have feelings. But yes never see me as weak, I will guide you and protect you from all and any harm. I will be there to wipe your tears away, i will be your shopulder to cry on, we will share your laughter and fears toghether forever. You are my lady. You are all I need as a lady you have everything I would want my lady to be...

And for our lifestyle as of last night and on I will take no more jokes no more bullshit, no outside interferrences. When I told Bob last night if he wanted it a certain way he should have kept you I meant it. He does not come in between what I say and what I mean at any time. And when things do come along underminding me dont allow it to for I will hold you responsible when it comes to my attention. I am sure you will be tested your loyalty to me will be tested when least expected i expect you not to fail me. If I am not in your presence you may want to take a second and think would I want you talking about this or doing this If I were standing right there with you.

Monday you and I will go over positions toghether. And karma I understand you get tired of hearing me telling you no, there are reasons why you get told no alot and its because of the continue asking when already answered, and debaiting what I have said. This is Just FYI.

Well I will take the weekend to go over the positions myself as well look over again and read, then monday we will do them toghether okay.

I love you karma forever and always......................MM (Mistress Michelle)

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