a wonderful morning  

karma4you34 46F
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4/7/2006 10:43 am
a wonderful morning

dearest Mistress,
how are You doing today, this one prays You had good sleep lastnight and this morning. what this one wanted to talk about today was many things, ok *smiles* she always have something to talk about. this one desires to study her possitions Mistress.. she desires to study hard, Mistress lastnight when she signed the contract, she was glowing happy Mistress, karma is going to put so much into pleasing You Mistress. thank You for Your sweet kiss this morning, this one loves to be in Your presence Ma'am. she is very sad when she is not around You Mistress.. she was writing in her journal today Mistress, all her thoughts and emotions. and she wanted to tell You thank You kindly from her heart for being here for karma. karma appreciates Your words lastnight Mistress, when she was very hurt inside about her girls. and thank You Mistress for this beautiful name You allow karma to have. thank You Mistress for allowing this one to Love Your husband , thank You Mistress for knowing that You can always talk to this one, and knowing karma would never think of You as week. karma loves You so dearly Mistress, more then she has ever loved another in her life. You know that girl from Eddies? the one that comes in the Duck Farm, well she was just in here, this one told Her that You and i are together, but only because she was talking about being with a woman to me. she said she has never been with one, so that is when i told her about U/us, karma prays You will not be displeased with her for doing so Mistress... karma is so happy that she can move forward Mistress, and only focus on what she has , and not what she doesn't have Mistress, and karma is so happy Mistress is doing the same..

love always

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