To Mistress's Husband  

karma4you34 46F
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4/6/2006 12:30 pm
To Mistress's Husband

Dear Robert,
how are You doing today baby? i just thought i would write You an email to let You know i was thinking about You, well pretty much i think about You all the time. so if i could You would get emails everyday... Well Robert i have to say even for the short time You owned me, it felt wonderful.. i realy do miss submitting to You .. it takes alot to be able to learn about this lifestyle, and i struggle everyday just to do what my Mistress expects from me.. although i am mouthy at times.. and my mouth over rides my ass sometimes, ok ok well all the time.. lol i realy do try to do what is expected of me. i do undersatand why You let me go though. i pray that things can always be as they are. although deep in my heart i know what i wrote to You before was short of asking You to marry me... i meant every word. sometimes i have difficult with my feelings for You, and it is only because i desire so much more. but i am not complaining for what i have, not at all. just in the back of my mind i pretend one day it will be more. i know its a dream, but sometimes dreams are what keep people going. i try to have so much faith in Us baby.. i wonder how it would be to wake up in Your arms, i often wonder how i would feel if i was the one that you turned to for everything. the more i feel and the more i talk it just seems like i am trying to convince myself that You belong with me, it sounds almost horrible that i have these feelings, because i love my Mistress so deeply, more then i have ever loved anyone in my life. She is so wonderful, and Both of You are so lucky to have one another.. and i see and know that very well, its just i can't help but to fantisize that i could have You as She has You... this is nothing that i have not already spoke to Mistress about, she knows i desire to be Your one and only.. i am very open with my feelings to Mistress, at first it was hard, but nothing has ever been too hard to talk to Her about, so why start now? i can talk to Her about anything, including my desire to be the one in Your life. what a web i have tangled in my heart, but it feels so good Robert. i wake up every morning and thank Godi have not just one person that loves me, but Two... i am a lucky girl

i love You baby with all that i am... i pray that my feelings never chase You away from me
because honestly i can't stop loving You Robert.


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