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4/6/2006 12:23 pm
From Mistress

karma... Hello doll how are you doing. I am fine today so far but we know me. lol
When you where on the phone with your brother what was you talking about I heard him say stop before you piss him off what the hell. Dont say anything to him anymore inr regards to me or renee. I have comne to the conclusion that what happens happens and I am not going to harp over things anymore. Becaus e doing do is just causing me to go insane.

I have noticed since last night that we have something together not sure what it is but it is deffinately there.
We had so much fun last night just goofing off and being silly. And he sat right next to me almost are feet were close and he just looks right in my eyes anymore where before he never would. But then I am probley reading into it. But for now it feels right so i am going to go day to day and wait and see.
And I know what i will always have is a good friendship with him no mattter what. There is a time when you just have to sit back and let nature take its course and this would be a time for that to happen. I know how I feel and I know what I want but it does not always happen the way you want it to so you go on and take what ya have and run with it rather ya want to or not. I feel we have come a long way becasuse wre never use to talk or even look at one another and now I have that and I dont want to loose the little bit I have or may get later.

And for you and me we have grown toghether so much and I love and adore you and that means so much to me and I dont ever want to loose that either. I cant allow myself to loose focus and what I have and what I want. I know why I am not sleeping at night I am allowing myself to think to much about what should be and not what it is and I have to stop because it will cause me to go over the edge.

The most important thing to me is our friendship and our bond at this point and thats what I need to keeep focus of.

karma dont ever question my love for you ever. Cause It could never fade. i will never allow it to fade.

Loving you always, Shelly

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