Lovemark - Unknown happiness  

karileken 39M
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7/4/2006 7:00 am
Lovemark - Unknown happiness

Lovemark is what people love about this century’s music: Energy, honesty, generosity, ecstasy, and a full-tilt dedication to digging the groove until the last call. Lovemark music have people everywhere developed a healthy appetite for his funky fusion of African rhythm, Afrobeat, hip hop and Reggae. Lovemark is one of the leaders of the Afrobeat Renaissance that is blooming throughout Africa and the world in recent years, and he’s put together an exciting music project that is attracting widespread attention! Inspired by his roots and his love for all genres of music, his sound is unique, yet instantly recognizable. His lyrics and beats reflect the music, the language, the energy, and the spirit of growing up as an Africanswed. His debut album which is entitled "Unknown Happiness" is all about various emotions (happy & sad feelings, confusion, satisfaction, etc.). The lyrics are straight from his heart, therefore, prepare to recieve the 'love' of Lovemark. It's a vibe which everyone can relate to. "Unknown Happiness" has that African/Hip-Hop/Soulful/World appeal. Fully equipped with African rhythms and percussions put together to perfection, you'll have no choice but to dance! The first single off the album is "Blue Eyes" which is a direct praise from Lovemark to all the beautiful women in the world with those sexy blue eyes! The hooks on the album are very catchy and will stay in your head for a very long time. Dont be surprised if you find yourself dancing to the sounds of Lovemark all night long. "Unknown Happiness" contains 15 heartfelt tracks (along with a bonus track entitled "Carry On"). Make sure you're the first in line to purchase a copy of this wonderful album. Get ready to recieve the mark of LOVEMARK and get intoxicated.Guaranteed to keep you glued to the dance floor!."


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