Life On The Road  

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6/16/2006 8:17 am
Life On The Road

I work as a sales executive and my job takes me all over the country. At least 2 days a week I am travelling to one part of the country or other, usually by car and usually by motorway. Last month I was coming back from Leicester when the weather closed in and it started to piss down.

I decided to pull off the motorway and go to Newport Pagnell services for something to eat & drink and to make a few phone calls rather than carry on in the appalling weather. I queued up and got my food & drink and then went to find somewhere to sit. The place was packed, and there where no free tables.

I spotted a table that was occupied by a blonde headed lady and I asked if I could join her. She said of course and moved her belongings to one side, so that I could sit down. As she lent over to put her bag on the floor, I caught a glimpse of a very ample and creamy tit beneath her blouse. My cock immediately started to stir. We exchanged small talk about how shit the weather has been for the last 6 months, we talked about our jobs. She was an advertising rep also on the corporate merry go-round travelling around the country.

Whilst we were flirting there was an almighty flash followed by a clap of thunder, which made her jump.

I said, "God it makes you just want to be curled up in bed for the rest of the day". "It could be arranged" she replied, there is a welcome lodge here! Was this a come-on or a flippant remark? Was I interested in this woman if it was a come on? Did I really need to think about it?

She was not a babe by any stretch but, she had the voluptuous shape that I adore, large womanly tits, slimmish waist and lovely ample arse. I looked out the window at the rain hammering against the window and said "It's tempting isn't it?", "I'm game if you are!" she replied. "Well lets see if they have a room free", They had and I booked it & paid cash.

Whilst walking to the room I said "By the way my names Paul". "Karen" she replied. I opened the door to the room and Shirley came in and sat on the bed. I took my jacket off, and then took hers and sat down next to her.

We started kissing, our tongues entwining like 2 restless serpents, my hands running over her tits and I felt her nipples stiffen through the fabric of her blouse and bra. She lifted her blouse over her head without undoing any buttons, and I unhooked her bra, and cupped her fabulous tits in my hands while my mouth went to work on them. She moaned and was grasping for my engorged cock through my trousers, I stood up, stepped back and stripped naked.

Karen lay back on the bed, & I crawled to her, & slipped my head up her skirt and started to lick at her crotch through her tights and pants. The smell of her sex excited me so much that I thought my cock would explode there and then. As she lifted her bum I peeled down her tights and pants in one go and threw them on the floor. I pushed my face into her hot salty pussy and started to lick her into a frenzy. Her juices flowed into my mouth as I sucked greedily at her lovely red tufted pubic slit.

Karen was moaning in ecstasy, I took her skirt off and pulled her legs over my shoulders, so that I could push her legs high in the air so that I could gain access to her lovely little arse hole with my tongue.

As I pushed my tongue against her arse hole I felt it tighten and try to resist me. I said to Karen, just relax darling, I promise Ill be gentle and you will really enjoy this Karen relaxed and my tongue gained access to her, she started pant hard as I thrust my tongue in and out of her arse hole. After a couple of minutes I put my finger up there and tongued her rapidly on her clitoris.

Karen decided that it was time that I saw some action too, so she asked me to turn around so she could 69 me with me on top. She grasped my cock and licked off the pre-cum that glistened in the eye of my bell- end, and then proceeded to deep throat me, so that I could actually see her neck expand as my shaft slid its 8" all the way down her throat. After a few minutes of this I was seconds away from shooting my wad, so I pulled away from her and gave my self a 5 second breather to calm down.

I got back on the bed and put her legs over my shoulders and lifted her feet over her head, I pushed my bell end against her dark luscious red pussy lips and entered her to the hilt with one thrust. Karen made a sharp intake of breath Christ how big is that thing (Now I'm not massively endowed, fairly average I'd say but lifting her legs over her head tightens her pussy and also allows me to thrust straight into her Gspot. )

I started to thrust fast and hard like this, pounding Karens Gspot, she started screaming in ecstasy, her fingers gripping into my shoulders, my body sweating fiercely I kept pounding savagely, taking my own pleasure to the extreme, Karen began to multiple orgasm, her eyes rolled back in her head, and as my cock thrust in and out, her pussy started to cream up, lots of foaming creamy love juice overflowed from her and trickled down between her thighs, I started to orgasm and let out a wild cry as my balls lunged upwards and I let loose a thick wad of jism, and my continuos thrusting started to make the creamy sexy mixture flow like lava from her well and truly fucked pussy.

Karen whined with ecstasy as I flopped on the bed next to her. She pulled my head to hers and started kissing me passionately. I felt my flagging cock begin to stir once more. I pulled Karen close and slipped another finger up her tight little arse hole, and said Karen have you ever experienced the pleasure of anal love before? yes, and it bloody hurt she replied. That's because you need to do it after you have already fucked, I promise you that what I am about to do will be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your life, my cock is only semi hard so it wont be painful, and we will wait and just leave it in for a few minutes until your little hole has relaxed and got use to my cock being inside, Ok, but take it easy and use some of this and she reached into her bag and handed me some Nivea hand cream.

I coated my cock with the cream and applied a nice big dollop to her bum, I eased my half erect cock into her back passage and gently slid it half way in. Karen moaned and tensed up and I could feel her sphincter clamp down on my cock. I relaxed and tried not to flex my cock but just lay still and whispered gently into Karens ear relax darling a few more minutes and you will be in heaven. We just lay there, and my cock went a bit softer.

I could feel Karens's arse hole relax around my cock. Karen gasped ohh that's nice, start fucking me!! I began with short gentle thrusts, my cock becoming harder with each stroke. Karen was moaning Oh God Paul, fuck me, that is fantastic, fuck my arse please fuck me harder, I needed no further encouragement and was soon thrusting the full length of my rod in and out of her arse. The feeling was fantastically intense as my lubed rod slid in and out of Shirleys bum hole. Karen was still gasping loudly ohh yess, ooohh mmyy ggggoooddd, dddooonnnt stop, fuck me, fuck me, Paul just keep fucking me, oohh ggooddimmm cccommminggg.

With each thrust I banged her body into the bed, widening her hole, stretching her, I could feel my orgasm rising with each thrust and then I felt my balls tighten and I unleashed another jet of sperm inside her, filling her anal tube with my seed.

Karen was coming and coming over and over again, my cock fully accommodated in side her now as I continued thrusting into her lubricated spunk filled arse, again I could feel another orgasm rising in my balls, and so hung onto Karens's Shoulders and kept driving my cock home, until I had one last orgasm, emptying the last of my seed into her arse.

We both collapsed panting, my cock slipped out of Karens arse and I looked at her bum hole, red and raw and saw nice hot creamy spunk leaking out of her. I just had to go down and lick it take my own come inside my mouth,Karen turned and her mouth greedily found mine to share the spoils, we passed my spunk to each other until we both swallowed our share.

After about an hour Karen got dressed when I was asleep and left, we never swapped numbers, if you are out there Karen contact me please.

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