Thai Contemporary Massage (2)  

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4/22/2005 4:44 am

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Thai Contemporary Massage (2)

Cellphones are becoming a neccessity in the developing Asia. Not for talking, though. It is too damn expensive for average folks there. They use text messages for main communication. Cellphones are good. No need to visit internet cafes unlike using e-mails.

Many experienced visitors to Bangkok would advice you against taking the same girl out twice for date. They would tell you many horror stories of psychological manipulation by those pretty-faced Thai girls.

"My brother is sick." (Or replace 'brother' with any family member of equivalent or slightly less importance, except 'husband'). "My family lost a cow." (Or any animal of significant economic value). Text messages will follow you home upon your return. So the story goes...

Getting girls' phone numbers there is nothing like winning a trophy as you might assume based on your experiences in your home countries. They want you to have their numbers. If nothing else, they make savings on mama-san's commissions by directly dealing with you.

It is natural that you want the girl you like to stop working in the very industry, in which you were a customer just a few days ago. A sort of paternalistic desire to control, possess, and monopolize the girl, wrapped in the beautiful language of "protection."

So, the experts are issuing enough warnings to the new visitors. But, their lessons may be too basic to be really useful in the real life.

What will you do if the girl sends you an annual text message, simply asking when you come back again, with no mention of sick people or dead animals?

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