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7/4/2006 6:59 am

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We know we have mentioned this in the past but why does it seem that we are one of only a few couples in St. Augustine who are actually out there living the lifestyle?..Everytime we check out who is there in our town, there are alot of people..but we cannot figure out if they are real or fake or looking only for perfect 10's. You would think that one would like to at least meet those in your hometown. We did meet one couple on AdultFriendFinder but we met them in Land O Lakes at a resort. They were very nice and courteous; we agreed to email when we got home and so far we haven't received any word from them. This is what perplexes us.
Furthermore, why does it seem that there are people out there who like to play games with others. To be specific, there is a coupel in Smyrna Beach we chatted with from a different website. Twice we set up a meeting in Daytona and twice they cancelled at the last minute. They couldn't even call us when we gave them our numbers. Do people enjoy doing that?...

So for us, T/A..J/B..J/K(beached..)... Where are the St. Augustine people?

FlsextoyLet 61F

2/23/2007 4:23 am

we love to meet you guys we are for real my hubby love to se me play and get nasty se uor profile if you like e mail us ok cathy>>!luis

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2/12/2008 10:32 am

we pretty much have experienced the same issues as both of you..and we live in deltona..the ones that have responded and actually have shown up has been perfect..but that is only the tip of the iceberg..out of six hundred emails sent we have met a handful of real people..that do and say as the profiles state they will do..the majority of the "people" on AdultFriendFinder are either lying about being a couple or about being bisexual or are just looking for a playmate for their hubby or boyfriend..the rest are just looking for new pictures or videos that they can use to "get off"..which is fine and i have no problem with that..just be honest about it..i have many people in my network that have told me that is all they want..i give them what they want and appreciate their honesty...bless them for it..i say "put it out there..communicate..say what you want and how you want it...and show up for get togethers..we are glad to say that we have only missed one since being on here..and called the people and explained the situation..and by the way we were on our way there and cannot finish our journey..i keep my chin up..and my attitude pleasant and happy..so to everyone that is for real..tons of hugs and kisses..and for all others...tons of hugs and kisses..suzi

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