chapter 2  

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chapter 2

I was roused by intense pain. Blood and snot dripped from my lips and down my chin. My eyes were swollen shut, my lips fat and bleeding, my nose broken. I tongued the raw gap where an incisor used to be. The smell of fungus permeated the air. I sneezed again and passed out.

Awake again. Leaning against a wall, my hands bound behind me. The sound of soles on a packed dirt floor, and then the long-awaited lecture ...

"I won't mince words, nor bore you with useless sanctimony about sex between minors, consensual or otherwise. I vowed that I would kill you, and I have. You are no longer, do you understand?"

Unn, mo.

"No, of course you wouldn't. What I mean is that I've erased all evidence of your existence -- you no longer exist in the world at large."

Mut, by barents ...

"Have been given your cremated remains. Seems you got lost in the forest one day and by the time we found your body the wild boars had had their fill. Ha ha ha ha ha."

Bom ...

"She took it rather hard, according to your father, but has since been coming around to facing life without her eighth son. Eighth! My god, how many siblings did you have?"

I hab fibdeen.

"Well now it's an even fourteen. I always hated odd numbers..."

Yeah, wew, vats nice do know.

"Anyway, here you are. The townsfolk appreciate the value of not sticking their noses into my business, and as far as they're concerned you're sitting on a shelf somewhere in the U.S. Midwest. Muuwa-ha ha ha ha. Villainy has its rewards."

Ern, mow but?

"Hoo-hoo-hoo ... You're fate is rather delicious. I'm sending you to the Vegetarian! Muuwa-ha ha ha GACK! GEho-GEho. Too much sinister laughter is hard on the vocal chords. Anyway, the Vegetarian! Ooh, you're in for a treat."

Wheas Gimigo?

"Kimiko? Heh-heh -- she's been sent to Mistress Yukata's School for Incorrigible Nymphos. Of course, it's not actually known by that name. Not that you'll be in any shape to track her down. Not after the Vegetarian! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

You fienth!

"Nighty night, boyo!" CLONK!


cathump-cathump-cathump-zooom-zoooooom-zoooooooom-scree-zoo-zoooooom-zoooooom-zoooom (ad infinitum for something like two hours and 45 minutes)-cathump-cathump-gravelgravelgravel-stop. kachin-kachan. tek-tek-tek-tek. jingle-jangle-twist-kachuun. CLONK! thud.

I was out for so long I lost all track of time. I awoke to a cool breeze meandering through a forest of bamboo. I lay there for more than an hour, entranced by the crack and sway of the bamboo, tickled by the wind as it swept in through the verandah, across the tatami and over my futon, through the sliding paper door into the nether regions of the house. From what I could see, it was a typical Japanese wooden house built an indeterminate number of years ago but nevertheless well maintained. Flat on my back, all I could see of the home's surroundings was an infinite number of bamboo trees. My vista was painted straw and brown and an bright green.

The absence of pain was rather shocking, actually, since by rights I should still have been suffering. I noticed, too, that someone had cleaned me up. What was going on? Who or what was my benefactor?

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