Many men  

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5/31/2006 8:03 am

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Many men

I wanted to add a post today, but I didn't have a subject. Many things are going on in my head but no certain thing remains still to talk about. Ah, my mind clears and I have a thought now.

Talking. Is talking wasted if you see that you will not be friends nor lovers? At what point do you just tell them I want to just give this charade up and be real about the situation.

Ok here is the what is going on. Right now I have about a handful of guys I am talking with. The reason for that is because I like to weigh out my options and see who fits me better. I have only met one and that was for a 2 hour visit and nothing happened. Each guy has their own difficulty. One lives too far, two of them are only separated and not ready for anything serious, and another one I feel he is just only in it for fun. Now the guy that lives far, I kinda really like him but I fear that we won't ever get to know the real each other because of distance. The phone and computer can hide so much. One of the separated guys knows my boss and he is so hesitant to do anything....but I feel like he would challenge me in everything possible.....mind, body, and soul. The other separated guy I believe we will just come out as friends in the end. He isn't ready and will not be ready. Plus he has differences in enjoyments in life that I don't like and that would be a hindrance. Now to the last one. The guy thats in it for fun. He doesn't follow my rules. He kinda goes around and tries to slip in the back door to see if I would notice him saying things.....but I catch without mentioning it to him. So honestly he is out....

So there you have it. I just came up with the two I kinda like.....I knew if I would think it through I would come up with something.

But you is still left up for more choices.

As quickly as 6 hours I already knocked one off my list. Damn why aren't there any good ones out there and why can't I find them? Why do I have to be alone???????

spiderbeetle21 34M
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8/26/2006 4:16 am

Trust me, there are good ones out here. You just need to know where to look.

attentive2u58 59M
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10/3/2006 4:58 pm

What he said.

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