My Poem Innocent At War.  

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4/9/2005 2:22 am

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My Poem Innocent At War.


O you !ruthless countries making illicit,
With the people of our own ,
You will be drag into ,
Destruction of your own deeds.

O Your Excellency !
What is going on
In our birthland,
Who gave shelter to you.

You send force to conquer,
But not to loot onces fame.
Yours force is conquering innocents ,
By intercoursing and killing them mercyless.

O you ! for the sake of conquest,
Killing the innocents,
You send your force
To conquer the war field.

O you! The the ruthless force ,
Taking the innocent to beds,
the young and ladies,
By killing their protector.

But for the sake of what ?
O you ! only for single sperm,
From which you were born,
O you ! who rules warn your forces.

Oh Mudassir ! what is new of this?
O Your Majesty ! your saying ,
As you might have tasted it .
Innocent is a face of humanity.

Your Excellency !
if they Were in your blood ,
What you might do?
Looting innocents is not your Royalty.

A place without Humanity,
Is a Hell in Paradise.
Where there is Humanity.
One can see Paradise Even in Hell.

Your forces looted not one or two,
But for many and many,
Who will Marry them?
You or Your force?

Innocents who Conquer the Hearts of Enemies,
And layed they Lifes to Save our Nation,
They who lost their Protector,
And weeps in Heart for they loved onces.

Your Excellency! If you are Human,
Sir ! where is Your Humanity ?
Give us Protection and Justice,
By Sowing the Seeds of Love and Humanity.

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