Human Reproductive Organs Transplantion .  

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4/16/2005 3:30 am

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Human Reproductive Organs Transplantion .

They may be many people around us ,who may have lost their Reproducting Capacity NATURALLY by birth or ACCIDENTLY.

You may see many patients who may gain they lost ORGANS by Transplantion of Eyes,Heart,Lungs,Livers,and Kidneys ,etc.,throught Surgery with the Help of Noble People who Donates they organs to give New start to such patients.

As the same methord we may able such patient to regain they lost Reproducting Capacity through Human Reproductive Organs Transplantion.The male Reproductive Organs includes scrotum(which houses the testes) and pensis.Female Reproductive Organs includes the vagina,the utreus,the fallopiantubes and the ovaries.

Process: By removing the Reproductive Organs From the donor ,we may use it to give new ORGANS to such Patient .With the assist of donated organs one may Under Go Transplantion .He/she may under transplantion depending upon this need.

Here his/her Functionless organs are removed from the root and is replace /attached /stich with a Functioning Organs .With in a short period you may getback your Natural Reproducting Capacity .

Advantage : May decrease infertility.Male /Female who have lost they Reproducting Capacity may regain it Permanently and Naturally .And able you to Become Normal.

I am confident you may understand my research .

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