Human Breast Transplantion .  

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4/16/2005 3:24 am

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Human Breast Transplantion .

Human Breast Transplantion .

Cancer may be most common and dangerious disease .

It may be found in different forms. MOSTLY IN LADIES IT MAY FOUND IN BREAST.

Tumour may be widely spread al over glob causing death to many people.

To cure Breast tumour you may under go BREAST TRANSPLANTION.

Process: By removing the Breast from the donor ,we may use it to give a new Breast to this Patient .With the assist of donated organs one may Under Go Transplantion .

Here her Tumour effected breast is removed from the root and is replace /attached /stich with a Healthy Donated Breast .With in a short period you may getback your Natural Breast.

I am confident you may understand my research .

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