Erotic story--- The ride to my place part 1  

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Erotic story--- The ride to my place part 1

I am setting in my truck in the parking lot.You pull up beside me.
The first thing i see, is your nipples are as hard as rocks,
pointing out thu your blouse.I grin from ear to ear.You see me staring at your breast and look down.
When u look back up at me your grinning too.You reach down and lightly roll one of them and giggle at me.
I get out of the truck, I lean in and wettly kiss your wet lips my tongue lightly flicking in your mouth. As my hand reaches in your blouse pulling your nipple out and mouth attaches to it.
Lightly sucking it,your hand is on my head pushing it closer.So I can get more into my mouth.
I suck and pull at it a while ,then pull it as far as i can and let it pop from my mouth.You flinch and shutter.
I open your door and you get out.Your arms go around my neck and you kiss me pulling me close.You can feel my hard cock poking in your tummy.Your hips pump at me,rubbing against it.
You pull away and lean in to get your bag. My hand goes between your legs and lightly rub your wet pussey thu your pants. You take your time getting the bag,enjoying my hand rubbing you.
You lean back up as i go to open the door for you. You get into my truck and we start our trip to my house.
You sat beside me as we drive. Your eyes go to my crotch. You see that my cock is lightly sticking out of my shorts. (just the tip) There`s a drop of pre-cum on the slit. You reach down with your finger and wipe it off. Bring your finger to your mouth you lick and suck at it.
Hmmmmmm you say very tastee.
My arm is around you,my hand on your breast lightly tracing around your nipple.
I reach upward and find the hole in your blouse. My hand goes in and fingers find your hard nipple. My finger and thumb lightly roll your hard nipple. Pulling at it at the same time.
we stop at stop light, my mouth find your parted lips. we kiss as my fingers still rolling your nipple harder now.
We hear car honking, the light is green we go as we giggle and laugh.
Your hand is on my leg working over to the tip of my cock poking out you pull my shorts aside.
letting all of my cock free. You notice that along with a big cock I have a nice set of balls on me too. Both balls and cock is shaven smooth. Your hand wraps around my cock seeing for the first time in person just how big around it is.
You are jerking at it now keeping tempo with me pulling at your nipple.
You slide away from me to the door. Then you lie down in the seat, your feet in the floor.
I turn slightly giving you better access to my swollen member.Your tongue flicks at the tip. Pre-cum leaking from it. Each time a drop forms your tongue licks it clean. You milk at me until no pre-cum left.
Then u part your lips taking just the head into your mouth.You are surprised just how wide you have to open,to get me in. I let out a low groan. Your mouth around my cock your hand has my big nuts in them. Lightly rolling them. You take more and more of my throbbing cock into your mouth. It hits the back of your throat. You lightly gag and move backwards alittle.Then you start going up and down, making sucking sounds. My hand is on your head guiding you .Faster and faster you are going my cock is swelling getting bigger around and longer. My breath is fast goaning each time you let my cock hit the back of your throat.
Then you feel me stiffin up, shoving my hips upward. Squirt after squirt flows into your mouth.You back up and keep the only head in your mouth trying hard to swallow every drop of my hot thick cum. After each squirt you hope thats all but I squirt another and another. Six big squirts in all,and you took it all.
You sat up and slide over beside me, grinning from ear to ear.Very prowd that you took it all.
My knees are shaking.I look at you and say damn that was good, I can`t wait to pay you back.
After awhile my hand goes to your crotcha fingers working at your button and zipper.
You reach down and help me,opening your pants up and taking one leg out of them.
My hand goes into your panties. Fingers find your wet slit.Dipping into you and spreading your juices upward ,onto your throbbing clit. With my thumb and little finger, i spread your lips. Exposing your hard clit. My middle finger finds you clit and lightly flicks over the tip of it. Over and over. Your hips are thrusting upward now with each flick. Your breath quickens.
I start to rub it from side to side now. Faster and faster,you grab my arm holding it there humping your hips towards my fingers. You start to cum your pussey milking at nothing your clit throbbing. You are moaning and jerking with each orgasm. You try and close your legs ,but my fingers don`t stop. I keep on rubbing and rolling. After you have came 5 times my finger work there way lower ,finding your wet hole I insert 2 fingers into your dripping hole. In and out ,they go. We can hear a squishing sound, from my fingers slamming into you. Then i slide them all the way into you, and curl them upward search for the g-spot. I fing it and gentally start rubbing it. Youi feel like you need to pee. But that urge passes as you feel the orgasm building inside of you. Your legs fly wide open ,giving me unrestricked access to your swollen pussey. The orgasms start the strongest you have felt in a long time you find it hard to breath. your head goes to my shouldere. Gasping ,I look over and into your eyes ,saying cum baby cum. Your are thrashing from side to side your hips bucking upward. I ease up and slowly remove my fingers ,your hips still bucking upwards with each twinge of your pussey.

Very oral and lookin........

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