A Long Road Of Illness #1  

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9/3/2006 1:23 pm

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A Long Road Of Illness #1

In june, or july of 1989 I started
having trouble, swallowing food. But doctor's could
find no reason.
So they did nothing.I went to a liquid diet,because
if it wasn't
solid, it wasn't as hard to get down.Two week's after
it started,
I had lost 29 pound's. My job was going to fire me,
so I went
to another doctor. After he did his test's he told
me, that
there was nothing wrong with my throat, that it was
in my head.I was
so tired,frustrated, that I lost control and told
him off. I
didn't do any thing physically violent,I didn't
have the strength,
for that.So he put me in mental, over night, they
bringing food telling me to eat it. not forcing
just pushy about
it.Next day shrink talked to me, asked all his
backward question's.
Then said I was not unbalanced, and sent me home.
Well I was getting no help so I had to help myself.
So I worked
out a way to get more food into me,by putting my
meal's in a
blender,watering it down, and straining it.It help,
I was at
least getting a dinner into me each night.I had to
working but wasn't as weak.I could not always take
some of the liquid dinner with me to work.So my lunch
was often a ensure or boost, when i could afford it.
time all I had was chocolate milk. Some time's nothing,
but resting for a hour.I knew I needed more so I
adding thing's to my dinner blend to increase the
peanut butter, high vitamin cereal's, protein powder,
I could afford it.I started making a breakfast blend.
was high energy food's cereal's,fruit bread or Honey
I felt better but wasn't enough, I worked for three
like that. Going to easier job, to easier job.Close
to the
end of 2001, I could not hold any job any more,I
filed for
S.S, and started going from doctor, to doctor. I
just kept
going and let the bill pile up, so they tested me,

goodatpoetry2 68M
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9/4/2006 2:22 am

I've read your last 4 posts, and I'm very sad for you. You've had a horrible last few years! Life is so unfair.
I feel I have it bad because I've always been alone, but you've had much worse. You've had a great loss and physical problems, to boot!
Let's just hope that you heal well, and quickly.
I'm so sorry.

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