Down the road I go  

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7/17/2006 10:07 am
Down the road I go

I saw a pretty lady while browsing just now. She reminde me of a girl i had fun with in the university.

Very pretty, and underaged though I did not know that at the time. She had a very mature body and looked like she would be good to know.

Now I had other things on my mind and there she was in my friends room. So I made a note and filed it away, not paying much attention to her other than to say "Hi".

A few days later she comes visiting and well.. one thing led to another and we had the most exciting quickie I ever had till then. The she dresses up and asks me not to tell anyone. Well I was not complaining.

The next day, She comes over again, and this time it was not a quickie. We spent almost two hours in bed exploring each other and she left. Again asking me not to tell. Of course I found out later why she wanted to be discreet. She was going out with my friend's neighbour, and we were friendly.

You can imagine the laugh I had when I found out.

Any way, not very long after that they broke up, and she practically moved in with me. But not before we had sex in her boyfriends apartment, by the riverside, in her bathroom, Where ever we could find five minutes.

Okay, when we became an item, it was not as much fun anymore.

That is until she introduced me to a friend of hers. She wanted to show the girl that I was good in bed, so we had sex in the same room when the girl was supposed to be asleep. I knew the game of course, but i just played along.

The next day, I had her friend while she went to class and that was the beginnig of the end.

Ok, got to go now. More later.

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