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6/12/2006 9:16 pm
At a glance

It's been a long time since my last blog so get ready for an emotionally driven soul dump, a manic inner look at my id, a donkey show, and who knows maybe god himself!!

So Batman Begins is turning into one of those movies I need to watch once a year. Much like Taxi Driver, The Shinning, Dead Poets Society, The Big Kahuna, or [insert a Clint Eastwood movie here]. They all seem to inspire me in their respective ways. Batman like Travis Bickel in Taxi Driver is kind of the anti-hero. He's got personal demons that haunt him and push him to do something with his life. They don't become priests and help homeless children, but go where nobody else wants to go to. Maybe because some people can't face those demons and choose an easier path to their own enlightenment. Anyhow, combining self sacrifice and spiritual gratification is something that just intrigues me to no end.

I'm reading Dante's Inferno through again...for the first time. I read half way through it some time ago but hardly understood it. I got Robert Pinsky's version this time and the notes section in the back kicks ass. There's really interesting stuff on what this banished priest in 1300 A.D. meant by his amazing poem. I found out the holy trinity of "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" in the Catholic religion has another definition to it. It's been translated as "Power, Wisdom, and Love" respectively which I dig a whole lot more. If you have even seen someone make the sign of the trinity you would see them point to their head as they spoke "Father" (power); to their chest as they spoke "Son" (wisdom); and then cross their chest from shoulder to shoulder as they spoke "Holy Ghost" (love). This makes much more sense to me and if I was taught this growing up maybe I wouldn't have such a hatred for the Catholic religion. I see it as a much more personal representation of inner strength. I think according to Catholicism this way of interpretation is considered pagan, but I don't buy that. A person's power comes from the mind; how well you use it will determine your influence on others and how much they are willing to accept whatever rhetoric you might be spewing at that particular moment. Next, the heart controls your wisdom. When intellect won't do you gotta trust your heart. We all have a knowledge that's been passed to us whether we recognize it or not. That tingle on the back of the neck that you get when someone is watching you, that's wisdom. Biologically speaking that sense feeling stems from the brain as well but....fuck that! This is my blog and I'll think whatever I god damn want! So finally, the Holy It's all around us. From shoulder to shoulder, from head to toe. It's what ties it all together. Without love the previous two are meaningless. Looking at the sign of "The Cross" or "Holy Trinity" in this light actually makes me appreciate the teachings of Catholicism a lot more. I'm not a letter of the law type of guy and I think that's one of Jesus' greatest lessons. It's just all about faith, not necessarily how it's interpreted.'s actually pretty simple.

I'd like to go into a bunch of other stuff but I like to tease you folks...

In the next episode: Chris finds the ultimate answer to everything on a peace of paper but decides to throw it away because it doesn't coincide with his ideology.


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