Memoirs Of A Sex Addict  

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Memoirs Of A Sex Addict

JUNE 8TH 2005

When it comes to sex, who really isn't a sex addict? What sets you or myself apart from everyone else. Well this is my blog and my daily experiences of day to day life as we all know it. To start, I'm been married for 3 years now to my second wife, and we have to wonderful children. To me, I love my kids, my wife on the otherhand is little bit of a different story. Over the past few years things seem to change and its no longer like to first time you get married or even like the time you were dating. The sex seems to change, and after awhile the great blow jobs just stop without even a warning. I my wife says that since we now have kids, that she no longer want to have any kind of wild sex, just the average male on top situation only. When I feel completely different about it altogether. I still give her all the foreplay and oral she can handle, but its seems to me its only a one way street I'm driving on these days.

A few years back, during my first married to a average young Hispanic lady, who I married out of stupidity. That's a long story, I might have to talk about that later. Anyway's, during that marriage, we had been temporarily separated for about 5 months when I started a swingers group online. I did this after joining a few groups and attending a few sex party's and I must say I did enjoy the lifestyle very much. After I made my decision to start my own group, and getting into all of San Diego's sex circles. Now I'm not saying that San Diego is the only place to find all of these activities, but where else but your own backyard to find it.

I been the owner of this group for alittle more then 3 years now, and my current wife still doesn't know what I do on the side. I am a cheating bastard, but I stay in this marriage for my kids. Since I got married, I partnered with a friend who was also in the sex business and He continued the swinger group under my supervision. he has been doing just fine running this group and has just moved to Las Vegas and we have expanded the swingers group now in both city's.

I not just gloating over this, its just how things have happened over the past few years. During this time I have cheated on my wife with over 200 plus girls, had orgys, and picked up girls on numerous websites. I'm no porn star or anything like that. Its just that I can't seem to stop wanting more and more sex, even though the chances are very high that one day I'll will get caught by my wife, or busted the police. Even knowing this, I still continue with taking as much caution as I can.

Day after day I speak with woman online or I setup meet and greets for other swingers. So that I can get my dick wet once again with either a blow job or sticking my dick in a warm, cock clinching pussy. Somehow hoping that the pleasure will never stop, but it does and I continue to my searching to satisfy my needs, my addiction for sex, and my hunger for the visual pleasure of women's sensual body.

Well from time to time I will update this blog with new information of my daily activities as I go along.

Hi everyone, JUNE 9th 2005

Just adding more info, for anypone who is reading this. Yesterday I arranged a meeting with a luckly lady who wants to be my sex toy for the day. We set the date, I have to find the hotel, one with a jazzui (thats going to be fun) and spend the day fucking and sucking each other. She says she really loves having her ass spanked and talked to as a dirty fucking slut that she is, I might like that to. Well this will be our first contact to get to know each other, take some pic's and video of our hotel fuck. Then later she wants to have her first 3sum with a black male, very well hung, and everything else that goes with it like , clean, drug free, and all the shit like that. Later she said she wants to do small groups and later 10+ guys. I think I found a good one for sharing with my group members. I like the thrill of meeting a new women for a stranger fuck fest for the first time. Not knowing what she looks like and only really knowing what she wants me to do. This woman like this are looking to fulfill their sexual desires and fantasys that they can't do with thier boyfriends or husbands. Man I sure know that feeling myself.

Here is a question for everyone.
Would you rather looking for someone else other than your partner to fulfill your sexual fantasies?

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My name is laura and i work for a tv compnay. We are doing a documentary on sex addiction and i would really love to speak to you about it. please can you email me on

I look forward to hearing from you



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