Night Massage  

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7/24/2006 11:40 pm

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Night Massage

My cousin held this huge overnight party over at my place to celebrate her birthday. The place was so noisy and happening.

I had my share of food and went upstairs to my room to sleep.

I was wearing a very high cut panty. the waist band reaches my navel. but the sides are very high and exposes my hips.

For the top was a t-shirt material mid-riff singlet.

I slept with little clothes all the time and dont lock the door since everyone was family. But tonight was different. There were strangers in the house. Yet, in my sleepiness, i had left the door unlocked.

Because of the summer heat, i just laid flat straight on my back in bed and dozed off.

I was awakened by an increase in volume of the noise from the party. My room door was opened. My eyes were only opened with 2 slits... my eyeballs rolled towards some movement. there was a shillouette of a man at the side of my bed. He stood there for quite some time then went back to the door. I thought he left when i heard the door close. But he came back and stood back at the same spot.

I thought I was in a dream. i just dreamily peered at this figure through narrow oopenings in my eyes. He took a step nearer and bent over me a little.

Then i felt a finger run down my cheek...neck... shoulders and arm. The finger lifted.

Then the figure shifted and i felt another finger touch my hips and stroked down my thighs to my knees and back up again.

The finger then circled my tummy a few times... from my navel... it travelled onto the waist band of my panty... down... down... to the curve in between my legs and circled my pussy gently a few times.

THen he left the room.

Well... that felt soothing... i turned to sleep on my side with my back facing the door.

A few moments later... the door was opened and closed again. I felt someone sit down on the side of my bed... my back facing the person.

I felt a whole hand hold the back of my neck very gently. it rubbed my shoulders and arms. then ran down my back... over my upper hip and back up to my shoulders again.

I knew i was being molested. But it felt like a very good gentle massage that was so soothing. And it all seemed harmless. So I let him continue.

He shifted and sat lower down the bed, beside my legs. HIs finger gently shifted the fabric of my panty into my butt crack... so that my butts were fully moons exposed.

He cupped my upper buttocks in his large rough hand and moved in circles... then another hand landed on my other butt and they circled in opposite, outwards movements... as if trying to part my butt cheeks with each move.

He returned to sit behind me. I could sense him looking over to see if i was awake.

He placed his hand on my waist and slowly slid it down to my tummy. His hand stroked my tummy in circles a few times... each circle he drew got bigger... till his fingers could slided under my midriff singlet. His fingers encountered the bottom of my breasts.

He stopped circling. HIs hand was now in btween my breasts... sliding up and down between the twins. He went as high up so that his hand could go round my neck and his entire lower up is sandwiched between my breasts. my upper hand was on his hand. As he moved, my hand moved too. I played limp and didnt wake up.

By now, I could feel him resting his upper body on my side. He seemed to engrossed to know that that could have woken me up.

He stood up and walked over to the other side of my bed... now in front of me. IN the darkness and in his engrossment, he could not see my half open eyes watching his every move.

He kneeled at the side of my bed and his hand reached for me again.

Without going under my singlet, he cupped my breasts one at a time... give each of them a gentle squeeze and a light jiggle.

ONe hand wasnt enough for him... he used both hands. Over the singlet was not enough for him... so he tried hard to push my midriff singlet up without waking me. He lifted my upper hand and put it behind me so that it wont be in the way. My other hand was under my pillow... already out of the way.

He circled my breasts with his finger. Then leaned on the bed so that he could lick them. He licked my nipples. It was cooling and ticklish.

Then he licked the entire breasts little by little. It was so cooling in the hot weather.

He kissed my nipple slowly slowly as my nipple slowly went in between his lips. with each kiss, his mouth opened a little wider.

Now, his kisses meant that his lips were cupping my nipples. and there was light sucking.

He got up. Gently pushed me so that I was sleeping on my back. He straightend my legs. Gently spread my arms to the far left and right. Got onto the bed and knelt over me. HIs knees were at my sides and his buttocks over my tummy.

It was no good. So he shifted my arms once again. this time over my head. Then he pulled my singlet up so that it covered my face and held my arms in place.

He gently sat on me, careful not to put his whole weight down. and he kneaded my breasts as if he was kneading dough. Occasionally twisting and pulling them. I could feel his heavy breathing on my chest. He kneaded and he kneaded.

THen I felt another two hands pulling my panties down slowly. THere were 2 people!?!?!

He rolled the waist band down down till it was pussy level. then he began pulling my panty down my thighs, pass the knees... out it came.

He lifted my left leg and anlged it more to the left. He lifted my right leg and angled it more to the right. My pussy felt cool. ANd I felt really naked. And I couldnt see a thing. I tried to stay calm. Hopeing that they would not me.

My breasts were getting swollen while my pussy was getting its own kneading. I was massaged in my most private places. not shoulders, back, arms or legs... but my breasts and pussy were being massaged.

THey exchanged places. This other man had hands that were not as rough. WIth is hands wet with my own juices, he placed them on my breasts and had a different method of kneading. HIs was more of pushing my breasts all the way up up up... then pushing them all the way down down down... and squeezing them in a very primitive way.

Back down, a tongue was exploring my folds. it felt like wet worm wriggling its way in. it went in and in and i could feel his teeth pressing on the outside. his tongue was strong... it stopped wriggling. It stiffened and went in and out, as if eating something found inside this small crevice. The hold time, 2 rough hands held my thighs wide apart.

What did I get myself into? If i had "woken up" right from the start, they would have run away and i would have locked the door and i would be safe for the night. It has gone too far and i didnt know what to. By now, by common sense, they would know that im already awake.

My legs were placed back together and my shirt got pulled off. I laid there watching one of them pull off his clothes. The other left the room.

With my eyes wide open, he laid on me and kissed me. I let him french kiss me while his hand explored my body. His hands pulled my thighs apart and his hardness fell on my pussy.

He kissed my neck while rubbing himself against my body. I just laid there.

He flipped me face down, sat on my legs, lifted my hips and put his tip on my hole and entered. I let out a helpless whimper as i grabbed my pillows as if they would save me.

He placed himself deep inside, then wrapped his arms around my breasts... his neck against my neck... my arms above me grabbing pillows... and he heaved... and he pushed... and he retreated and his pushed.

I gave no sound but my eyes were crying for help. He was huge. He was hard. My legs are closed... meaning that i feel his hardness forcing its way through a closed door.

Each time he pushed, he would squeeze my breasts. Each time he pushed, I stopped breathing.
Each time he pushed, my hands tightened their grip on my poor pillows.
Each time he pushed, he groaned with pleasure.

He came out. Flipped me to my front again and went missionary. I was pushing him with my legs. But he grabbed my hips for maximum impact. He slammed so hard i began screaming at each slam. It wasnt painful. It must have been screams of pleasure. But at the same time, i felt violated and helpless... used for another's pleasure.

I dont think anyone heard a thing. THe party music cloaked our screams.

He cummed. Dressed up and went to the door. A few guys came in. He sat behind me so that i sat upright at the edge of my bed. My back leaned against his strong chest as my knees were brought up and hooked/hung on his arms. My butt was seated on the edge of my bed. IN front of me was no bed. It was a row of man in queue. And my pussy as ready as a bullseye on the target board.

in the dark, i saw shadows of men stroking themselves. Some of them came forward to have a feel of my breasts. Some slid their manhood on my pussy to get it hard. Some held my hand and broght it to their crotch for some awakening. They walked around in front of me as if backstage preparing for an important speech in front of thousands. I was already hearing groans.

Oh... i knew wat was abt to happen. But what could i do?

Then the game began. They watched each other cum inside me. My legs were locked by strong arms. My hands were always held by 2 other men watching their friend jack me. I was defenseless.

My the 2nd guy (which was actually the 3rd), i had already given up all struggle. Holding me was easy now. He didnt have to restrain me. he just had to hold my legs open.

We rocked together as his friends took turns to rock me. Seeing me limp. They wanted to try something else.

ONe guy laid on my bed while i got carried by enother guy. HIs friends took turns to lift me up and down while he just laid there to enjoy his dick getting stroked by my pussy without any effort of his.

Then they put me to stand on my feet and one guy hugged me. It wasnt a hug. He was holding me for his friend who lifted my left leg and entered from behind.

When that was done too... Someone locked his arms under my armpits from behind me. My back on his chest. ANother 2 carried my 2 feet up and they positioned me horizontally. Someone stood in between my legs and slid easily into my wet and loose pussy.

Then the 3 who were carried me began to see-saw... and everyone kept laughing at this rather difficult feat.

They tried another.

I was standing, back pressed against the wall. My hair was in a mess by now. I looked weak and wonton. My right leg was pulled up high and someone entered again. They tried entering from the back, from the front, with others' help, without help... me on the floor, against the wall, on the bed, bent straightened... whatever they could think of, they tried. i heard laughter, teasing, jokes... abt how i was to be done. ONly the first 3 who entered cummmed. the rest were still hard. And the first 3 were actually hard again. It must have lasted for hours for them to be hard again.

They had their fun and felt that it was time for the finale. They laid me on my bed, spread my legs, and each did his mission. With mission accomnplished, they each left my room into the boom boom noise downstairs.

Left alone, I watched my clock and it was 5am. I had been violated for the past 5 hrs. Tired, I fell asleep.

Next morning, i woke up to yeeky yuckky stuff all over my boyd and bed. somewhere found on the floor. I could not find my panty and shirt. Someone took them.

rm_Blinded1969 40M
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7/25/2006 3:36 am

i think i put yr panty and singlet in the washing machine

rm_janeraped 42F
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7/25/2006 3:57 am

Once again, a great read. What a turn on. You're with no doubt my favourite blogger in AdultFriendFinder!

harviesg 46M
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7/25/2006 8:34 am

I was a great pleasure that you have had. Wish I was at the party too.

rm_luke11171977 40M
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10/13/2006 7:01 am

My god and how do you feel now? Ddint you report police or you enjoyed it yourself?

rm_Justpur 53M
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12/9/2006 5:23 pm

Hmmm.. not bad storyline, you're the type of girl who doesn't mind getting gangbanged... hope u didn't get pregnant form it, there was enough cum to populate the earth... and you probably wont know who the Father is...

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