Have a Drink  

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5/24/2006 5:39 am

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Have a Drink

I arrived at the Karaoke lounge to meet my director and 3 overseas business clients. Let's call my boss Ng... and the other 3 men Heng, Jake and Tanako

We drank and we sang and they got slightly tipsy.

I sang a duet with Tanako. He, sitting on my left, put his arms over my shoulders and we sang rocking side to side. He rubs my shoulder as he squeezes me against his body.

Jake, on my right, does the same. but he slides another hand between the gaps of my blouse buttons. I thought it was nothing and they were just tipsy. Jake slides his fingers in between every gap... from the lowest to my chest... he slid under my bra and pinched my nipples. I pushed his hand away and continued singing.

Tanako hands the mike to Jake and slides his hand up my working skirt and feels around. I had stopped singing and started to stop all the hands over my body.

I looked to Ng for help but he pretended not to notice anything. Heng walks to the back of the sofa and massages my shoulders.

Ng excused himself and left the private karaoke room.

Tanako was pulling at my panties while Heng had his hands in my bra alreayd. Jake stopped singing and unbuttoned my shirt.

I squirmed and begged that they stopped.

Tanaka lifts me onto his lap while Jake removes my blouse. Heng drops his pants and moved to my front.

As I struggled to be free, they pulled all my clothes off and soon enough, Jake's cock was in my mouth and sliding in and out. Heng was inside of me while Tanako was busy rubbing my breasts and clit.

I gave up.

NExt, they placed me lying on the sofa while Tanako tongued me. Could feel his digusting long and wet tongue reaching deep within me. Heng sucked at my breasts will Jake french kissed me.

Ng returned and I could see shock on his face. He stood there staring. Tanako called him to join him. WIthout hesitating, he was naked and walking towards me.

They flipped me over and held my legs apart so that my boss could doggy me. As he rammed, I was shocked. For such an ordinary looking guy, his cock was HUGE! It went so deep and was so hard.

I started screaming and flailing my arms around to stop him but they grabbed my hands in place. Immediately, I was giving Tanako a blow job... and then Jake and Tanako again and then Jake again. They throated me deep and hard. Heng and NG were taking turns to doggy me ravagely.

Heng cummed with a low groan and retreated to rest. Tanako laid me on the floor and did his own ramming. I was groaning and moaning so loud but no one came. Jake came next and he made sure that I screamed and jerked.

At last, it was Ng;s turn again. He was the longest lasting one. He rammed me on the floor. He rammed me doggy again. He stood me up against the wall and pushed hard up my pussy.

Then he made me kneel to suck his huge cock. with my head agaisnt the wall and his strong hands holding my head, he fucked my face crazy. All i did was stare up at him with tearing eyes.

When I couldn't feel my face anymore, he got the other men to carry me up into the air with my legs open so that his face his face meets my pussy. he ate me clean as my limbs jerked with each bite, each suck, each lick and each penetration of the tongue.

As the finale, he rammed my ass and ejaculated.

Everyone rested. As the men regained their strenght, the continued singing and drinking while I dressed up quietly.

That night, my boss brought me home so that he could spend the whole weekend with me... in his home... his room... his bed...

rm_janeraped 42F
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5/28/2006 4:38 am

Wow, this story really turned me on. Great blog, just love all your stories. Can I ask if they were real, since your blog title is ambiguous. If they are, what great experiences! Will be watching your blog from now!

rm_janeraped 42F
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9/11/2006 5:47 am

It's been more than 3 months since I posted on your blog, and since then I've read tons of erotic stories, on this site and its sister one, alt, as well as on other sites (more bdsm ones). I've also co-written some stories myself with some guys I've met, but let me tell you, that none of all the stories beat yours.

This karaoke story, in particular, really, really turns me on, and I still consider it the most erotic one with a hint of underlying 'violence' 'cos of its non-consensual nature. But all your other stories too, are written very differently from what I've read.

I thought I would just like to add again, that I love your style. And everytime I'm feeling particularly horny, I'll come back to read this karaoke one again. It really sets me off...

rm_janeraped 42F
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1/20/2007 5:14 am

Once again, the clones in our Singapore site, has copied and plagarised your work again. This post by this little cunt, MilkyGalMelody copied exactly this story, only changing the names.

Just when will this stop? See this post for how it all started Has Queensmiths no shame And this one where a little twat who is obviously the same clone as Milky, defends and justifies plagarism [post 650601]

just4display 40F

1/29/2007 9:07 am

Hey Janeraped, thanks for being such an ardent fan. I didnt know that ppl were copying my work!!!

Not to worry too much though. Im a bit upset but not too concerned. I come here to air some horny steam. THey can copy for all they like. They konw it damn well that they can't write and need to copy. Getting the credit for it doesnt feel as good as if it were ur own work.

rm_lalaland2212 42M
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6/9/2007 8:49 pm

this story really turns me on. tks for sharing

SOF030 39M
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7/8/2007 10:30 am

just4display, good story and matching photo. Very good entertainment value especially for a guy like me on biz trip in US.

laybakandenjoy 60M
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9/4/2008 7:12 am

Hi Just4display. As mentioned by others, great story, very horny. You've written in such a professional way that the story is almost visual ... or i'm just a dirty old man, hmm, nah not possible.


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