a dreamer's dream  

just2slim 59M
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8/3/2006 12:02 am
a dreamer's dream

What is a dream,
what does it mean?
Is it a new world,
you've never seen.

Or are dream's just memories's,
of sight's and sound's,
of zoo's and fair's,
of popcorn and clown's.

Of sitting by a lake,
two lover's in the moonlight,
making dream's come true
in the middle of the night.

Dream's of childhood,
of kitten's and pup's.
Or running through a field,
of violet's and tulip's.

Dream's of good time's,
of happiness,and love.
You may even dream
of heaven above.

Lost in good feeling's
you could walk on a cloud.
And listen to heavenly music,
so clear,not to loud.

Dream of moonbeam's,
dream of smile's.
Traveling you're own road,
never counting the mile's.

Dream of hill's,or lake's,
or flower, or bird.
Dream of all the best sound's,
you've ever heard.

Dream's of music,
of song,and dance.
You could drift away,
just take the chance.

Maybe heaven is a lasting dream,
running through the field's of you're mind.
Finding all the perfect thing's,
you always's wished you could find.

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