The way of the world  

just2slim 59M
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8/6/2006 10:20 am
The way of the world

Now people want there privacy,
an must do things there own way.
Each thinks he's the center of it all,
the master of the day.

They'd offer you the world,
an make promise's they can't keep.
But they'll all show there true colors,
when it's time to reap.

And in that time they shall learn,
that with there selfish decesson's.
The live's they built,
became there prison's.

So now you know,
where the world will go.
Why get out in it,
to be caught in the flow.

Just learn to love yourself,
and those you know.
Make peace with your self,
an you'll never feel low.

For when you love your self,
you'll love other's more.
When you've found this truth,
things aren't like before.

How can you love other's,
if you dont love your self?
And how can you love your self,
if you keep your conscience,on a shelf.

If you look to the world, for answer's,
it will ask you to suffer,struggle,and bleed
You waste your life,for an empty promise,
and then you still lack, what you really need.

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