Freedom's Song  

just2slim 59M
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8/9/2006 11:07 am
Freedom's Song

Freedom is the perfect portrait,
with sound and swirling color.
freedom is a gift of Love,
Love from our father or mother.

Freedom means nothing can stop you,
and any thing can happen ,when
you freely choose,
to be a true friend.

If you don't use freedom,
as much as you can.
Your not really free,
your not even a man.

If you don't use freedom,
to improve yourself.
Your no better then a book,
setting on a shelf.

Cause books have knowledge,
and so do you.
But if you don't share it,
who will know that you knew.

Freedom can be what ever you make it,
by using freedom, caring and love.
You can even change the seasons,
and the stars, in the sky above.

But freedom is yours,
to do with as you choose.
And if you don't use it,
your the one who will lose.

Freedom is not only,
a state of mind.
And if you look for it there,
it will be hard to find.

Cause freedoms in the heart,
spirt and soul.
A spirt without freedom,
is away's very low.

Cause with a free spirt,
your not trapped in the body.
You can roam the world over,
which is not a strange folly.

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