Part 3 ---- Barriers of Binding  

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Part 3 ---- Barriers of Binding

Light and Dark...concepts of the mortal mind.
Or were they?
Everything has an opposite in the universe, matter, anti-matter, the weightlessness of the void, to the expanse of weight of gravity.

As she was his Light, he was the dark within her, all that she was taught in this life as being wrong.

She gave, he took. She was full of light and love, he was overflowing with rage and anger.
Anger that she had been taken from him so, so long ago.
One thing that comforted him was the thin tendril of connection that they could not sever.

Throughout the ages, names had been connected to his kind, fallen angels, demons, wraiths, even vampires.
None were correct though.
They just were, and had been since the beginning of the beginning.

They were creatures of energy, which had proven to be their downfall.
More than once did they desire the reality of the flesh, and chose to be born into it, which for some was a delight, but in some instances, the abilities they had in the astral realms clung, giving them uncanny abilities that for the most part set them apart from ordinary mortal folk.

For their kind, Resonance was how they manipulated energy.
Some humans understood this concept and some understood the damage that pure sound could do.
Certian octaves can juggle the mollecules in a crystal goblet enough for the glass to shatter.
Other sounds rattled so deep in their bass tones that it could mangle the rythm of the human heart, and bring about a seizure of that muscle, causing the unfortunate one death.

Rahn had given up trying to physically break through the barriers that kept him from his freedom, and sent his body into a hibernation of sorts.
That didn't mean that the rest that his body was forced to endure was restful, because his consciousness resided in the astral body that was housed in the flesh and bone he chose to be born into.

Testing the confines had become a game, because in the dawn of civilization, when energywork and magick were a scholarly thing, they discovered what harnessed his kind from entering and leaving places, and used this alchemy in creating a kind of cell for him to be trapped in.

Resonance is negated immediately with a frequency that is it's exact opposite.
Flexing his muscles of the mind to test again for weaknesses, he sent tonal qualities from his aura that hit the barrier around him, which parried and matched the equal opposite of the tones he tossed about.

Next came the rage, the futile, impotent rage that made his soul even darker, except if he thought of Raina, the darkness receeded just a little, enough for him to calm a bit.

With that calm, he built within his realm from a memory not diminished at all from the thousands of years he had in his prison.

Absently he wondered if his likewise trapped brethren fared as well as he had, or if they had passed into madness. As he almost had, but adamantly refused to.

The barrier around him negated attempts to openly escape or tamper with the original set of the prison, but it did allow a modicum of telepathy. He had tried to experiment and get through that way, but realized he would only be going from one prison to another...and promptly stopped.

It took him what he knew to be almost a full rotation of the earth around the sun for him to get his visualization just perfect, and when once done, keyed his vision to the external thrum of the barrier, which was the lure for the soul that was now incarnated in Raina to find when she slept.
Without that lure, she couldn't be near him, and the madness would come, taking him too far away even for the light of the other half of his soul to find him.

So many ages ago, they were also called another thing. They protected the realm of the manifest, which a part of which is now called Earth.
Rahn and his kind were the Watchers.
With the advent of new religions, and the fall of the old, things were forgotten and hidden.

When they were inadvertantly found again, they were banished and locked away, by beings that thought they did the best for the people of their world, because they were mistaken for the conceptions of evil incarnate.

Now that the vision was complete, he lay down within himself again, and got lost in the thrumming that surrounded him.


In the lab, Raina was lost in her work.
Carbon dating was an unreliable pain in the ass, that only really gave rough estimates of the ages of things, and if this test result was right, the artifact she was testing was far older than anything in recorded history.

She sighed in frustration and removed the specimen from the testing medium and went to retrieve the next sample.

She looked at it for a long time, studying the design of it and caught herself thinking how similar but differant it was from ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and Ur artifacts she had seen in the past.

"What an odd blending..." she mumbled to herself.
She finally made up her mind to get on with the fruitless testing, because she had a feeling it was going to be like the others.
'Age Undetermined.'

As soon as her hand came into contact with it though, is when her spontaneous gifts decided to kick in, and she felt a distinctive vibration, a deep resonating. She dropped the item back into the bin it was nested in, and the tone stopped.

"That's odd..." she said to herself.
Thinking it had to be an outside vibration she heard and felt, she picked up the item again, which was a small ring.
The vibration returned, but not as intense, almost timid.
She brought it over to the testing area, and cleaned it up a little, and noticed there was etchings engraved on the surface of this little ring.

In a materialistic manner, she placed the ring on her third finger of her left hand.
Just to see if it would fit, and knowing that she held a piece of world history upon her hand.
Something that someone wore very early in the dawn of time.

Then something definitely odd occured.
The vibration she had been feeling intensified, centering upon the golden band she put on.
She could feel a slight heat on her finger, and began to worry that perhaps it was radioactive or life threatening.
The dirt from thousands of years of being buried fell away from the ring, leaving it gleaming upon her hand as if new, the etchings weaving and moving slowly, sinuously...not stopping once.

This alarmed her and she moved to take the ring from her finger, but it stuck fast. She tried to look under the surface of the ring, but it appeared to have fused with her flesh, making it impossible to remove.
"Oh hell..." she sighed.

She had no idea...

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