What a morning!!  

juicytexaslady 46F
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2/16/2005 10:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What a morning!!

Did not have to be at work today, at least during the day, so I slept in. And was aroused instantly when my naked clit brushed up against the soft cashmere blanket that I received for birthday. My soft brown nipples became erect and I could not help myself to playing with them. My tits are so sensitive, it gets my pussy all aroused and before I know it, my pussy is hungry for some action. I spread open my legs and reached to open my pussy lips to a sweet smelling, honey dripping pussy. I rubbed my juices on my clit and began to masturbate, it did not take long for me to cum, and luckily I did, because the electric co. was knocking on my door. I dressed in a hurry to answer the door, of course with my nipples still in thier position of attention form. My only thought was: "Could he smell my sweet aroma? and if so, did he know what I was doing before he knocked on my door?" WOW!!!


2/16/2005 2:57 pm

Please tell me you licked your fingers clean!! Why aren't you having your pussy serviced nightly? I would start by licking small
circles on your inner thighs, with an occasional dab of my tongue on your snatch. Anticipation is key. With your first moan, I'd flatten my tongue to get every last drop of your wettness before going to town on your honey pot. Your hips are slowly moving in a steady rhythm, you're holding
my head, as if you're afraid I'm going to stop.
I can sense your flood gates are about to open and can't wait to be awash in your juices. You scream and dig your nails into my shoulders as you cum. I don't want to lose a drop. My tongue moves across your pussy sucking every last drop.
You catch your breath before...

rm_Bigcolby 42M

2/16/2005 5:49 pm

Hey I think I want to get a paper round or something where you live, I could deliver pizza's, pretend to be a jehova's witness even, just to catch you with your standing to attention niplets! Thanks for the story, will keep me entertained for sometime

How do paper rounds pay in Texas? x

rm_gman226 49M

2/17/2005 3:29 am

Well all I can say is wow and you know the rest! It's all on you!

dirtyred625 52M

2/17/2005 7:48 am

Juicy I can smell the sweet aroma of your pussy when I close my eyes and imagine my tongue slowly gliding across the overly wet lips.

(tessy jones)

4/20/2005 5:10 am

hhmm can i come as a cleaner and help ur clean that juicy pussy of urs and lick them clean. i love to suck on hard and sensitive nipples
makes me so wet and hot when i know u are dripping down there

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