Southern Stranger  

juicybabydoll 38F
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3/22/2005 1:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Southern Stranger

Last night I met a southern gentlemen with a chisled chest, ready smile and an ever so present hunger in his eyes. And so our dance began. The setting a tropical coastal city. A half moon overhead and enough of a wind to whirl our scents together, gathering and delivering phermones melodically and softly. Who is this strange man locking my eyes, inhaling my love with each breath? Could he know what delicious thoughts are filling my head, causing a growing warmth between my legs? Can he detect the slight spasm throughout my body as my lips and clit clench tight with each thought of his hot tongue on them? We continue. We are casually masking our true animalistic intentions as no one seems to notice anything other than to beautiful well-dressed people easily exchanging chit chat over cocktails. My dangerous damsel is seeking his sexual beast and so we proceed to location #2.

I feel my pussy glowing and asshole clenching and in response my walls began to lubricate in anticipation of the relentless tonguing it needs to receive. Perfectly enough our setting has a co-ed bathroom. I sip my passionfruit cosmopolitan then I excuse myself to the restroom. In this grimey yet warmly lit space the only thing perfectly clean is the mirror. I glance at my reflection and see my newly toasted complexion and bedroom eyes. I am hot and I am ready. I pause to primp carefully rubbing a tube of lip gloss over my plump lips. Without a minute wasted, I call my unsuspecting southern gentlemen on his cellphone.

"meet me in the restroom"

knock knock.
Unlocking the door with one hand, I am unbuttoning my pants with the other. As I face the wall he is dropping to his knees. With both hands on the bathroom wall, I spread my legs, he spreads my beautiful ass apart. He is eating me now. My asshole is not spared. All of my juices are dripping. I am purring. I am moaning. He is eating the fuck out of my ass perfectly & greedily. I spread my legs more and moan loadly over the knocks on the bathroom door. His strong hands are gripping my ass cheeks apart as his tongue and lips explore me like no other person I have ever experienced. He is peaking and I know there is no way this beast can be tamed. He has to have me and he is taking me. I am where I want to be. In captivity of an oral phenomenon. My jeans have fallen to my ankles and without hesitation I slowly turn away from the wall so I can reveal the sexy haven between my legs and below my navel. Ummmm, she is immediately attacked. So savagely I surrender my pussyhole and clit to my kneeling beast.

"take my pussy"

I am taken and eaten and eaten. I knew all along this was the beast that lurked so inconspicuously below the surfuce of an otherwise professional gregarious man. I pull him away assertively. We kiss. The most masterful tongue now in my mouth. The kiss is soft, hot, juicy, tender and demanding. Enhaling the aroma of my pussy juice on his mouth and sucking it off of his tongue. I am fully aroused and insatiable. We lock eyes. Adjust our clothing and exist the space.

Quick to pick up our casualness in the booth we think we have gone undetected but our waiter knows and the couple across from us begin making indecent proposals with their eyes. We talk and french kiss boldly and passionately. We talk and I rub his hard cock with my palm. We are daring. I get up from the table. My hot pussy won't let me wait, so I don't.

Entering the empty space again this time there is no need for adjustments...our sex has blended and fallen all over us. We talk and look lust. We are salacious.

knock knock.

This time my gentlemen finds my tits pushed up and out of my bra. Revealing my hard milk chocolate nipples. My pants are down and my trim sex scented pussy is out. I am against the wall. He holds my waist and deeply sucks my nipples. I moan uncontrollably. It hurts real good. He is sucking my breast. Driven by a passion I have never ever seen before he takes my petite frame as he pleases and I like it. Everything he does to me is sending me into climatical spheres. This is a good boy. As my nipples stand erect he kneels again in front of me and licks on my pussy lips. Using his tongue to seperate and then find my clit he pleases her and then sensing my internal desires inserts his index and pointer fingers in my tight juicy pussy. He is banging my gspot and walls. Making me take it even though I am fitting his fingers like a glove. He is finger banging me while I pinch my nipples, standing with my legs open like a really good girl. He loves my pussy juices. He is sucking and licking and fuck-banging me. My gentlemen is ready for my hot asshole. I put both hands back on the wall and he tears my asshole up with his tongue and keeps banging my pussy. I am cumming on his hands and he is on his hands and knees. Putting his tongue in my ass I am in heavenly places. After another wave of passion we conclude by kissing heavily, feeling each other up and groping. We smooth over our clothes. We exit. We pay the check and leave.

Delsenior 51M  
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3/23/2005 8:39 pm

So surreal, could a chance meeting really be that great?!?! I will post again in more detail. I must say this description is so erotic, it is beautiful. Quick comment: your body your pussyhole, your asshole was made to for worship. To be continued.....

TalonDuddyTonks 48M
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3/26/2005 11:53 am

Wow... what a story.. and what a woman. you have erotic nailed.. please keep them and me coming...

rm_Fletcher105 35M

11/21/2005 11:35 pm

truly sounds like fun, good luck in the comming mounths

DrunkAmbleGrill 53M
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12/30/2006 4:54 pm

Juicybabydoll,you should be a writer(if you arent already)that story kept me interested and wanting more(aroused also).Have you ever submitted your stories to a publisher? Erotic magazines need your type of stories, i hope you keep writing

rm_ChriNa 47M/F
49 posts
4/4/2008 12:41 pm

we read it and still cant believe what a story

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