Stone the Crows  

rm_jtfc2 51M
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3/27/2006 2:00 am
Stone the Crows

Fishing, Needles, metaphores.

You know what thereal problem is???

Rhetorical questions? No.

In Australia on this Friendfindery thingamajig there are in excess of 713,000 listings.

Of that there are 346,500 men seeking women.

There is 24,000 women seeking men. 20,000 women seeking women. 19,000 men seeking men.

So ME. I am a man. Seeking a woman who is seeking a man.

346,500 divided by 24,000 = 14 men for every woman.

Mmmmm.... 1 in 14 or 7%

Crickey....... What was I thinking?

But enough of the statistical evaluation.

Here's the plan.... If each and every woman was to SHARE... They could have a different bloke every day for 14 days out of the fortnight, and for us blokes we may get lucky, once a fortnight.
Sounds like a bit better than some get.

But that is promescuity and I don't condone that because I am disease free and want to stay that way.

So, what is the solution???

Obviously I have to be in the top 93% to have a chance.

But first you have to taste the fruit to know how good it is.

Please, Please.........EAT ME!!!!!!1

Mmmmmmmm...........IS GOOD.


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