Day 2  

rm_jtfc2 51M
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6/21/2006 4:04 am
Day 2

Okay so day 1 wasn't really that exciting. And my sarcasm crept in to the apparent lack of interest. So shoot me. I wear a vest anyway.

Anyway, I kinda got lost in Adelaied and then found myself and got to the Pirie. Bit of a piss ant place but nice room and STUFF n THAT.

Day 2 was the long drive up to Coober Pedy or as I liked to call it Gorby Pooey.

It was my first taste of a real outback hole in the ground kinda town, and I've been to a few small towns.

Lots of indigeridufus people all over the street, drunk and smelly, trying to scab some money.

Roadhouse had great feed for good value though.

Stayed in a room and for fear of defamation suit I will not name it but I kinda felt it was one of the rooms they shot some scenes out of Pulp Fiction. I mean I liked the movie, but these rooms were like SEEDY.

Anyway went to bed really early and got up at sparrows fart to go and fill the tank with juice.

Oh I didn't mention, I got in with quarter of a tank of petrol and after a quick sight see, decided I wouldn't fuel up in case the natives syphoned the tank for sniffing purposes. REAL CHANCE.

So I fuelled up at a pussy hair to sun up paying top dollar so far for juice. $1.50 a litre. Sat in the carpark of the servo waiting for the sun to come up cos I was told 'don't drive at night or you will hit a roo for certain'

Sun came up and before you could say jumpin jack indigeridufus.......I was out of there and heading into the red centre.

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