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6/25/2006 4:06 pm

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It is simply part of the lifestyle I live (I am not talking about my open marriage, but rather our military life) that people come and go in your life. This isn't to say you don't try to keep in touch, but we move around, and sometimes we run into old friends at another station, sometimes we never see them again. Lately, I'm missing someone I'm not likely to ever see again, and it sucks. Of course, this isn't the first time, and won't be the last. Even now, I know that sooner or later we'll leave here, and the friends I've made will fade into the past. It's easier not to get attached to people, but humans are social by nature, and it happens. Even in an age of constant connection, cell phones, email, and IMs, it's not always easy to keep in touch with those you leave behind. *sigh* I'm just feeling contemplative, and a little lonely.

rm_vlt721 30M

6/25/2006 7:24 pm

i know how thats like. Before i left for basic training, my old girlfriend and i said we'd keep in contact even though i'd be gone for a year. i left and wrote her all the time. she wrote me twice and never again.. even after i came back she hasn't made to atempt to reconnect. it sucks.. i guess when you are away from people they learn how to slowly heel overtime. i still haven't heeled, as sad as THAT is... i guess it just takes longer for some people.

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6/27/2006 11:44 am

I wonder sometimes if it is ok to miss them. Is it ok for me to miss you

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