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5/15/2006 12:44 pm

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Email tutorial

I'm not saying these tactics will work for everyone, but these are a couple of the better emails I have received. These are the actual emails, with only identifying information removed.

"just had to say hello to u....not alot of..... well interesting woman on here, at least i thought that till i came across your ad or whatever u call it so then i had to maybe strike a convo or possible email response from u lol hope to hear from u sorry i sound like a dork but im am really kinda interesting..i think hope to talk to u soon"

"Hey, My name is {edit}. Im 24 and own a house in {edit}. Finally it sounds like I have found what I am looking for. I am divorced and am tired of the drama and dont want any strings attatched right now. I am a very upfront person...I think thats the best way because it cutts out alot of BS, so Ill just tell you exactly what I want...if you dont want or like than dont email me, but if you do than the more fun we can have. I dont want a relationship, Just someone to have fun with, have EXPERIENCED sex with that I can teach and be taught new things to enhance my sex life. So, if you are interested, email me back"

"Hey how are ya? Well you seem like the kind of person that i would like to get to know better, i think we could have a lot of fun together. Don't worry about the distance thing, with my job i can travel antime i like. Just let me know if you are interested. Talk to ya soon."

"Hey start, judging by your location, marital status, and my screename (and thus job), being discreet is paramount here. I completely understand where you're coming from, I'm not looking for a relationship at all, and I promise you absolutely no drama. All I'm looking for is to have a little fun, and based on your profile and pictures, I think we could have just that. I ask that you look beyond the fact that I'm not 25, we're the same age, and I'm quite mature...kinda comes with the job territory. I'm outgoing and social, I like to go out to {edit} on the weekends, and I know what I'm doing in bed. Let me know if you're interested..and like I said, I agree, discreet is key."

Ok, now this is not to say I hooked up with every one of these guys, or that I ignored others with less than stellar starting emails. (This is also not a complete list, as I've deleted quite a few of the emails over the past 6 weeks.) However, if you plan on sending a simple "Hey, I'm definitely interested..." or something equally unremarkable you had better have a damn good profile to spark interest. For example, I went back and looked at the first email Drill Sgt sent me, it was one line, but his profile was interesting. There have even been seeimingly obnoxious emails that sparked interesting conversation, like the guy who's email subject line was "not trying to be a bitch!", and he said I was doing a good job at it for someone who wasn't trying. I shot back a snarky email, which led to an interesting "do over" intro, but you HAVE to be able to pull it off, or it will blow up in your face. Now, one thing you'll notice about these emails, at no point do they mention their dick size, although a couple allude to sexual prowess. They also did not have cock pics on their profiles, we all know how I feel about that! The ultimate lesson? Figure out what works for you, and don't try to be something that you are not. For example, in 2 of the above emails, I can testify that the person writing them is exactly as their email implies, simply from further conversations with them. Some general guidelines (although not written in stone) are as follows:
Have some grasp of the English language
Confident, not cocky

waerlookin4fun 51M/47F

5/15/2006 1:32 pm

I agree with you. I haven't gotten many bad emails, but the worst one was a guy writing this "wanna f**k"

jst4fun915 35F

5/15/2006 2:12 pm

LOL "Wanna fuck?" shows up more times than I can count. There have been way worse in my inbox, I just don't understand some of these guys!!

mrgrimshade 45M

5/18/2006 8:37 pm

'whew...I'm always afraid to look at your find my latest e-mail there!


jst4fun915 35F

5/19/2006 1:08 pm

Never, Grim, you've always been wonderfully polite and charming!

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