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6/15/2006 12:19 am

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So, schedules finally fell into place, and I got to hang out with Deacon tonight. Normally, I show up and there are Coronas and limes already awaiting, but it's not something I EXPECT when we hang out, especially on a weeknight. Tonight he opened the door, and promptly informed me there was a problem, he was out of limes. So, we could either go pick up limes, or go to the bar near his place and grab a few beers. Well, we went to the bar, and it's karaoke night... this was interesting to say the least. We trade horror stories from our week, finish our beers and leave. Definitely a great time all around, we always have a blast together. Anyway, the topic of our first couple of hook ups came up, and I promised to post a certain picture from one of those nights, so there ya go. It's hard to see in such a small picture, but those are bruises on my left ass cheek, thanks to a few too many spankings. Oh, and the picture was taken about 3 days later.

mrgrimshade 45M

6/15/2006 3:21 pm

good I was hoping that was not Deacon in a it would have fun to listen to you sing...hmm how aboput willie nelson


jst4fun915 35F

6/15/2006 4:41 pm

Oh, *I* don't do karaoke... not this tone deaf chick!!!

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