Actual Conversation...  

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6/6/2006 9:39 pm

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Actual Conversation...

This is why I love hanging out with Jersey... nothing like a good sense of humor. This is an excerpt from an actual conversation (What Jersey? You thought i was BSing when I said I'd blog it?? LOL ) the other day...

Jersey: so I got a bone to pick with you

C: ok, what'd I do?

J: [so and so] told me today that the girl he's been seeing comes over and, on top of having sex with him, does his dishes and picks up his place a bit......where's the cleaning over here?

C: dude... would you really leave me alone long enough to clean? and who the hell do ya think you are? Tucker Max??

J: hahaha

C: I tried my best to fix your poor laptop, and look where that got us

J: I think that got us in bed, which was alright with me

C: besides, I've got to clean my own house, you're a big boy, you're on your own there...

C: actually, truth be told, if let on my own for more than 10 minutes I would be cleaning, I can't tell you how many times I cleaned [X]'s kitchen because he was off taking a shower or doing whatever pretty boy prepping he does

J: well now you shouldnt have told me that

C: lmao

J: I'll lock myself in the bathroom

C: great....

J: and come out to cleanliness

C: it's pretty simple when you only own like 3 pieces of furniture

J: haha, true

If you don't know who Tucker Max is, google him, and check out his site... this was a total TM conversation. THIS is why women always say they love a sense of humor.

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