The Massage  

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The Massage

The Massage

As she hurried out of work and saw the gray-white snow clouds dancing on Pikes Peak. She wanted to make it home before the snowflakes flew and the cold front came through the Springs. Also, she wanted to make it home before her lover did. She had a middle of the week surprise waiting for him. As was their custom since they met, they both loved sex with each other, and couldn’t get enough of it on the weekends. So they came up with a plan that they would pleasure each other at least twice during the week. This more than fanned their need for each other on a daily basis.

When she got home, she was delighted to see that he had not made it home yet. She had to get ready because tonight was her night for pleasure. She walked into their bedroom and looked at the high bed with the high pile comforter with burgundy and green textured material, which they both loved to snuggle under on cold nights. The windows had deep velvet burgundy curtains, which gave the room a romantic, yet Victorian feel. She turned on the fireplace in the bedroom, this gave the room a deep russet glow. It was a color that made her blush from the inside out. She just had to smile to herself as she thought of what they would be doing in the next couple of hours. She made sure the glow from the fireplace made just enough light to barely see. She then lit some fragrant candles, something with cinnamon in it near the Jacuzzi bathtub. This gave the room a warmth and loving feeling, more romantic than she could have ever planned.

She decided to take a long hot bath, to help melt the stress of the day away. As she readied the bath, she went to the kitchen to get a bottle of white wine and two glasses, just in case he came home early. She poured herself a glass of wine and slipped into the bathtub with its’ bubble bath bubbles and sat sipping her wine. She turned on the Jacuzzi jets and let the rhythm of the tub fill her senses. She lay back in the tub, closed her eyes and let the Jacuzzi jets do their job. She sat there and was totally relaxed when she heard his voice ask, “Hun, where are you?” She sat there and listened to his voice, which had a very calming and relaxing effect on her. She could not answer right away. She slowly got out of the tub and grabbed a large towel to dry herself off, as she told him where she was.

She then heard him reply with a smile in his voice, this made her want him even more. It had been like that since they met. There was nothing they or anyone else could do about it. It was just something that was natural for both of them. This was only one of the many things that had attracted them toward each other.

He came into the darkened, but erotic bedroom and saw her naked in the firelight. He asked, “What have we got here, a naked woman in my bedroom?” she replied, “No, but you have a naked woman under the large comforter just waiting for you.” She then jumped under the covers. She was lying on her belly towards the end of the bed, under the large comforter. She watched him as he slowly stripped off his clothes in front of her. She loved watching the firelight dancing on his body with intense pleasure. He then began to dangle something in front of her; it was something she had been craving all day. She loved to suck on his large member, and then watch it dance in the firelight. She even liked the taste of his cum and suckled his member down one side then the other. She then gave him feather like licks and kisses on his balls. She wanted to savor every inch of him. She had to make herself take it easy on him, the poor guy just didn’t have a chance when it came to having sex with her. She wanted to touch, feel and taste all of him at once.

She saw how her licking had aroused him, but they had the whole night, so she decided to make the evening last longer. She asked him to then give her a back rub, starting at her neck and working all the way down to her feet. He was more than ready to comply; he knew that they both were going to be the winners in this feast of pleasure. So he removed the comforter from the top portion of her back to reveal very smooth and soft skin. From the nape of her neck down to the middle of her back, she felt shivers. Not because of the cold but from just the feel of his hands on her body. It made her tremble way down inside, she hoped he didn’t notice how excited she was becoming. He slowly began to massage her neck and her shoulders, intermingling it with kisses on her arms, hands and fingers. She began to feel more relaxed than she had been in a long time and wanted every second of it to last forever. He did such a good job of kneading the small stress bumps out of her back that she soon felt like jello. He saw how this made her feel, so he lowered the comforter some more to reveal a nicely rounded rear. He then proceeded to stroke her rear with his hands and kiss her back. And yes, he did notice how WET she was. But he too, wanted to make the feelings last longer. He was laying on top of her, rubbing her ever so gently with his body, but yet so urgently. She knew he would eventually find his was to her secret place, but she was enjoying this backrub so much, she begged him not to stop. He then aggressively rubbed her rear, and then slowly poked two, then three fingers into her secret spot. He could then feel that she had just shaved her smooth mound. He then asked if she had just shaved for him. She said, “Of course, I hope you like it.” She could hear the smile in his voice again when he said he loved her body that way. She liked doing little things for him, it made her so happy. He continued to massage down one of her legs and up to her center, then massage down the other inner thigh. In between taking a moment to lightly kiss her back and rub her secret spot ever so slowly. It was uncanny how he knew right where it was, even from their first time together. She would only let him massage for so long, because she was so aroused it took her breath away. She was always in awe of how he had made her feel on the inside. He then lifted her up to him from behind and slowly slipped his hard member into her secret canal. She felt the warmth and hardness of him as they both began to feel the rhythm of their lovemaking. She was so relaxed, yet aroused as he began to pump her from behind. She could feel the very tip of him slipping in and out right on her sweet spot, but he was unrelenting. He tantalized her with the head of his penis, until she could not hold back anymore. She clawed at the sheets and made long, low moaning sounds that he had to ask if she was OK. She said oh yes, that was delicious. Then she came a second time. He then pumped deep inside of her from behind, all the while rubbing and kneading her buttocks. This was even more arousing to her. She could feel his hardness and needed him to be deep inside of her that she squeezed with her pelvic muscles to suck and pull all of his juices out of him. He exploded into her sweet canal. He quivered and shivered until all of his juices flowed out of him and into her. He gasped with such surprise that he could only mumble that they were spectacular together. She then took her finger and tasted his juice that flowed out of her. It had a sweet yet a little salty taste. She loved it - she just couldn’t get enough! She wanted it to go on forever, but alas, all good things must end or at least rest. But until then, they both snuggled under the large comforter together: watching the firelight on the walls, feeling each other’s warmth and waiting for the need to rise again.

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