The Insanity of Hate and Religious Fanaticism  

jrb6955 60M
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8/20/2006 7:32 pm
The Insanity of Hate and Religious Fanaticism

One of the top news stories on my Home Page is a piece about 17 to 20 Shiite Pilgrims (different news services reported different numbers) being killed by sniper fire during a religious procession in Baghdad. The article reported that dozens more were wounded in the attack. The sniper(s) were presumably Sunnis. Both Sunnis and Shiites are Islamic Sects. Just as Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists and Catholics, although having many dogmatic differences, share a core belief system based on the Bible, do not Shiites and Sunnis also share the same basic core belief system founded on the Koran (I know there are other spellings of this word)? What kind of hate and fanaticism can possess these people to engage in such insanity? I do not mean to suggest that other religions have not engaged in similar acts of insanity. Even as recent as the 1980's Catholics and Protestants engaged in armed conflict in Northern Ireland. Sectarian armed conflict did nothing to advance the cause of political equality back then in Northern Ireland, and it is unlikely that it will have such an impact in Iraq today. Such terrorists acts are cowardly attempts to seize power, rather than participating in a political process designed to ensure that all Sects have a voice in their government. The senselessness of such violence reminds me of the gang warfare taking place in many of our own urban areas, except on a much larger scale. It solves nothing and only damages any legitimate issues the terrorists are trying to advance (emphasis on the word "any," as I doubt the terrorist, like bin Laden, have any legitimate issues to advance - only hate).

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