Sex in Public/Sex on Film  

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8/10/2006 7:01 pm

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Sex in Public/Sex on Film

What has been your experience with having sex in public? I related one of mine in yesterday's blog posting and included a poll on the subject.

Have you ever had sex on film? Has the video ended up all over the internet? Tell me your experiences.

Personally, while the though of videoing myself having sex, it is the risk of such a video ending up on the internet which keeps me from wanting to try it. Although there is some risk that membership on this site and the things one may post here could also appear elsewhere on the internet, I am trusting (perhaps naively) that the people here respect each other enough not to post anything from this site elsewhere on the internet. Videos, on the other hand, tend to gain a life of their ow on the internet. Just ask Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton.

But it is apparent that there are others who do not share this concern. I am curious as tho whether the attraction is similar to the thrill of having sex in public.

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