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Sex in Public

How many people out there would consider having sex in public? How many have already had sex in public? What about being caught having sex on video tape, which is then aired over the internet? Are you an exhibitionist? Or do you consider such activities taboo, preferring to keep sex private and in the bedroom?

I will admit to having had sex (on more than one occasion) in a night club. The first time I tried it, I chose a secluded booth in a dimly lit section of the club. We began with making out and some heavy petting (I know, I am showing my age using such terminology, but it is accurate). As things heated up, panties got pushed aside, my fly was undone, and a condom slipped on. She sat on my lap, face to face, and I eased myself into her. We continued kissing while she slowly ground her hips on my member. Being in public, where a waitress or other patrons could take notice, we had to proceed slowly and cautiously. Of course, the prospect of getting caught also adds a bit to the excitement of the moment (not that I would recommend engaging in such activity on a frequent basis, but it can be exciting). It helped that neither my partner nor myself are particularly vocal during sex. It also helped that we were engaged in a passionate kiss at the moment of climax (it is hard to make too much noise when someone has their tongue down your throat, and vice versa). We then put ourselves back together (straightening out the panties, re-zipping the trousers, etc.) and I went to the restroom to dispose of the condom. As we left the club, we noted a few of the other customers giving us a knowing nod and smile, so I guess our activities did not go completely unnoticed.

If you are going to try this for yourself, I recommend a thong or crotchless panties for her and boxers for him (of course you could both go without, which makes it even easier). She should wear a short dress or skirt. He should wear loose fitting slacks (if they are too tight in the crotch, seat or legs, you will encounter difficulties and possibly injure yourself - remember the Prom Night Bathroom scene from "There's Something About Mary").

While I would not want to make a habit out of having sex in public, it can be an exciting change of pace. I am still very much interested in fulfilling my fantasy of having sex on the beach.

While I have had sex in public, I do not think I could have sex on film. There would just be too great a risk of the video coming back to haunt me. However, I am sure there are folks on this site who wouldn't hesitate to become an amateur porn star. So let me know how far you are willing to go.
I have had sex in public.
I haven't had sex in public, but would like to.
Sex in public interests me, but I have reservations about trying it.
I would never consider having sex in public.
I have had sex on camera.
I have not had sex on camera, but would like to.
I would never consider having sex on camera.
There is nothing I wouldn't try.
Sex in public or on camera is taboo for me.
I love having sex in public and on camera.

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