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12/1/2005 3:37 pm

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What would you do?

The guy is Steve...the girl is Terri; Steve & Terri are seeing each other. Long distance relationship; They are crazy about each other; Steve meets Robin at work; He starts seeing her regularly; they date for 5 months; Steve tells Robin he is engaged; she wants to hit it one last time; Robin gets pregnant; she wants to tell Terri what's goin' on; Steve says he would do it; Robin runs and tells Terri what was goin' on between her & Steve;

Q1: Do u think Robin was right in letting Terri know what was up after Steve said he would do it?

Q2: How do u think Steve felt towards Robin now?

Q3: Do u think Steve should hold it against Robin for doing that, or should he have expected it?

Q4: Do u think Robin is correct in keeping their son away from Steve?

Q6: Do you think Steve would like to see his son?

Q7: Do you think their son would like to see Steve?

Q8: Do you think the kids involved would like to see each other?

sideline1968 49F

12/2/2005 2:26 pm

Q1 - how long did Robin give Steve to tell?
Q2 - disapointment would be understandable.
Q3 - see Q1 responce.
Q4 - NO! Especially if she is demanding support.
Q5(6) - I would hope so.
Q5(7) - Is he old enough to express his wants?
Q8(7) - see above responce.

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