Eager 4 an encounter.  

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9/27/2005 8:27 am

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Eager 4 an encounter.

Oh, how I remember our first brief but anticipated encounter. I travelled to your crib. We listened to music as we talked and looked through the photo albums. you were hesitant on showing me the you of old. I don't know why, because I am feelin' you now. You didn't properly greet me when I came in the door. I reminded you of that. You slowly leaned over and gave me a soft, warm squeeze, followed by an intoxicating kiss that lingered long after our lips parted. I mentioned the hobby of reading...You quickly thought about some books in your bedroom. As we searched your bookshelf, we looked at one book called Bedtime stories. As I looked through the book, I was immediately aroused by the words coming off the pages. I stared into your eyes...Our lips met. I could tell you were feelin' me now even more. My shaft grew inside my jeans....screaming to be set free. I sat you down in the chair.....nibbling on your earlobes. I started kissing on your neck as I gripped your beautiful large breasts in my hands. I licked your nipples as they became hard and erect as my joystick. I slowly worked my way downward to that place where honey could only reside. I jumped up and stratled you in the chair so you could feel the joystick as he rubbed up against your pleasure box. I then got down on my knees and parted your legs....kissing your inner thighs as I went for home plate. Your aroma more arousing that I could imagine..I slowly started to lick your clitoris as I noticed your head now back and soft but passionate moans started coming from your soft lips..I inserted my tongue inside you so you could sample what is to cum once we do meet again..I sucked passionately but gracefully as you strted to moan louder and deeper.....Juices started to flow from you when you stopped suddenly....not wanting to cum right then and there......WTF!!!!! "Now is not the right time", you said. "Damn!....What time could be the right time other than now"?, I thought to myself. Well, I guess there will be a next time....We are working towards that next time.....I will let you know how it goes......Or, you could be that next time......

I am waiting right now to see if today is that day.....

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