Hello Master  

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2/10/2006 6:54 pm

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Hello Master

Hello Master
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You come home and I am kneeling at the side of the bed as you have requested that I do. I am wearing white panties and a white bra, lacy, with thin straps.

You come up behind me and stroke my head. You pull me up by my hair and make me lay down on the side of the bed. I spread my legs wide like I know you expect, and your strong hand strokes my warm ass. It makes me tingle all over, remembering other times when you have been not quite so gentle on my ass.

You slide your hand inside my panties and massage my flesh, kneading it gently, then harder. Your big strong hands arouse me as no other, and I squirm on the bed, feeling wetness flood my pussy.

Suddenly you slap my ass, and it makes me jump and shudder with arousal, as you knew it would. You yank the panties down with one rough pull, and my ass is naked for you. You sit on the edge of the bed and continue to massage my ass, slapping me occasionally, watching my skin turn red. I try so hard to hold still, but it is almost impossible. I shove a fist in my mouth, trying to muffle the groans.

Your hands go lower, and you shove two fingers in my wet pussy, testing it to see my reaction, and you pat my ass and say "Good girl." You know how wet your hands make me, Master.

You run your finger down my lower back, teasingly, and I automatically reach back and spread my cheeks for you, knowing that is what is expected, and no, demanded of me. It feels so good to do this at your command, Master.

You reach your hand down and rub my asshole, and it feels so wonderful. I arch my back, spreading myself wider for you. You run your finger down into my pussy and spread the wetness on my ass, then plunge your finger inside my ass. You fuck me with your long thick finger, and I groan in ecstasy. You pull your finger out and plunge it back into my pussy, repeating this over and over, your other hand slapping my ass lightly now and then. I move my hands under my breasts, squeezing them hard, feeling so hot now.

You slap my asshole like you did the first night and it makes me flinch and groan, but it feels so damn good, Master. You stand, and I hear you take your clothes off, and then I feel you behind me, warm, hard, strong. Your hands run all up and down my back, massaging my shoulders, then down my back again. Your hands go to my ass, and you pull me up by my hips and push me forward on the bed, and I get on my knees and elbows.

Your hands continue to massage my ass, the muscles aching in response. You smack me again, harder this time, and I feel your face go between my legs, licking me lightly. I spread my legs wider and arch my back, opening my pussy and ass more, and put my hands back on my cheeks, pulling them apart for you. Your long tongue runs up and down my whole pussy and ass, tasting me, the wet juices nectar on your tongue. Your big hand continues to slap my ass, hard, quick slaps, taking me by surprise as there is no set rhythm.

My ass is turning bright red, and it burns so damn good, Master. You stand, and kneel on the bed between my legs, and I can feel your hard cock against my wet pussy, and I push back towards it. I immediately get a really hard smack. "Not yet," you whisper. I move away, groaning softly, and your hands massage my ass.

You take your cock and run it up and down my pussy and ass. I try so hard to hold still, but it is so hard, and I push back closer to you again. "No," and another hard slap. I groan louder, and you slap me again.

My pussy is so soaking wet now, so aroused from your hand, wanting you so much. You massage my warm ass cheeks, and lean down and whisper, "Do you want me?" I whimper, "Yes, Master, Please Master".

You lean back up, and I can feel your cock against my wet pussy lips and with a quick flick of your hips, you are imbedded into the hilt. Your hands grab my hips and you pull me tighter onto your cock. You start to move in and out, hard, deep, all the way in me, then out, then plunging all the way back in. We set an easy motion, me pushing back against you, you moving in deeper.

You tell me to reach my hand down and grab your balls, and I do, stroking them softly, and then you tell me to go ahead and cum. I reach my hand to my hard clit. With just a few strokes I cum so hard under you, my pussy gripping your cock so tight, almost pushing you out of me. You push in hard and you cum too. I feel it pumping into me deeply, so hot, and we groan together.

My pussy milks your hard cock of every drop, and you slowly pump in and out, then lightly slap my ass and tell me I was a good girl. I smile softly, knowing I have pleased my master once again.

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