The Unexpected Encounter  

joseph69er2 61M
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8/14/2006 8:43 am
The Unexpected Encounter

It was an unseasonably cool evening in Arizona (85 degrees in August), and I was out for a walk with my dog. The star filled night was illuminated by the full moon. Maybe the full moon is the reason it happened. As I walked through the park, I noticed an attractive woman in a VERY short skirt and Halter Top also walking her dog. As we approached each other on the path, I noticed her eyes staring at my crotch. Which of course caused a physical reaction, that caused my pants to suddenly get tighter. I couldn't help but see the laughter in her eyes, as she slowly licked her lips and let a small drip of saliva drip down her chin. As we started to pass one another, she grinned and whispered, Ummmm, that looks delicious. Now, I may be dense, but I didn't miss that one. I grinned at her and asked if she'd like a taste. She replied: "Honey, I want more than a taste. Since it appeared our dogs were getting along as well as we were, I walked back with her to her house adjacent to the park. There, in her back yard was a hot tub, a chilled bottle of champagne, and music softly playing. She slowly undressed me and Man. Did she ever taste me. Licking,my nipples she slowly worked her way down, to my throbbing member. pre-cum dripping already, she licked it off and took me completely in her mouth. Now my cock is very thick, so you know this gal has a big mouth we eventually entered the hot tub, where I sat her on the edge and... More next time Joseph

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