Give her an ORGASM in five minutes.  

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7/23/2006 7:10 am

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Give her an ORGASM in five minutes.

Lesson # 2 for you guys out there. Sometimes, a quickie is just what the Dr. ordered. Now this one takes a little planning, but it's worth the effort. OK, she wants to go to the mall; and you don't. Hey, spending quality time with your woman IS worth the effort. Go with her, but add some spice. Take along some pre-written notes and take them along with some tape. separate from her for a little while and go to a couple of stores. Go to the ladies fitting rooms and ask one of the clerks to hide the note, and tell you which room it's in. Just tell her you are doing a scavenger hunt. She'll do it! after placing the notes all around the mall, meet up with your woman and take her on the scavenger hunt. The first note should tell her to remove her bra and play with her tits, leave the bra off and go to the next place, where she takes off her panties and plays with her pussy. Come on, be creative. Finally you both end up at Victoria's Secret, and go into the fitting room together where you get on your knees and give her a quality tongue job. If you prepared properly, she should have a great orgasm in five minutes or less. keep your dick in your pants. This one's just for her. Then take her to lunch or dinner if it's evening.

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7/23/2006 8:18 am

Very creative

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