The nature of my universe  

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7/31/2005 10:29 am

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The nature of my universe

Join me for a while as we travel in the mind that I call my universe where all things that are possible are known by only a few. The great mystics of old sought knowledge of all things future relying on this ability to serve them well. The modern day mystics serve only those with gold.
Who is to say if either is right. For most of us we live our lives not questioning the day to day existence. For me there has to be more. I am a product of a generation of change. A generation of Peace and Love. A generation that would change the planet for the betterment of mankind. Look around. Can you see? There is more than sex going on here. There is adventure. It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste but so many waste the time here.
The inner peace that come in the bliss of solitude gives one the insite to all things. It is only how one will use this gift. Man was given free will. The ability to choose ones path in life. Do you choose the path of good or the path of evil.
For my part I choose the path of the Jedi!
Kick ass and take names later!

The choice is yours choose wisely!

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