Instant Karma or When reality and the Cosmos Collide  

jonnyrocket53 64M
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8/11/2005 11:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Instant Karma or When reality and the Cosmos Collide

"A dogs bark may be worse than his bite,but everyone prefers his bark." When in the psychical world things do not always go the way one plans. Can it be said that Karma or luck had a hand in the matter? Perhaps. I know better than anyone that messing with Karma is deadly but do it on a daily basis. Am I screwed in the head? Don't think so, yet I continue to challenge. Luck, Karma, YingYang, whatever you believe is something I have always thought one could not control but was a reaction to your action. Now I am not sure. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Is it a cosmic joke that is played for someone's amusement. Not very funny. When friends and lovers have a run of bad luck then is the time to gather around, not run in another direction. I guess that I am fortunate in this as I fear nothing that man can create. It is necessity and need that one must address first and foremost. Emotional stability comes from within after that is met and only when one is secure in that knowledge. How can we treat our fellow man with disrespect hatred and anger when all of us are doing our best to "find" ourselves. There is a reason that advice is free. There is a reason love is free. There is a reason that revenge is not.
People are who they are and no amount of cosmic intervention will change that. It is only the perception of someone that changes.

So dear fellowship I contend You and your actions have no bearing on the cosmic fabric. Your actions on the other hand have a great deal to do with how people perceive you and the message that you speak, both physically and ethereally. So now don't go away mad, Just go away!

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:05 pm

Is it Karma, or is it ignorance? Do I/we lead, or do I/we follow? Is the cup half full, or half empty? If Orwell and 1984 are long past, is the future now certain? Is life a long and winding road, or is it merely a passing cliche? Fear not oh voyager, Jack London lives still!

If I refuse to evolve, I only limit myself. [You could care not, no?]

Any first level thought is easily parried, as like unto like...The pen is mightier than the sword, yet actions speak louder than words.

WHAT DO YOU SEE ::: Some people look at the world around them and see endless problems. Others look at the same world and see unlimited opportunities. Some people look at their job and see a way to just get by. Others look at a similar job and see ways in which they can distinguish themselves. Some look at what must be done and become discouraged. Others look at what can be done and become enthusiastic. There are those who are skilled at seeing the excuses. There are others who are able to see the possibilities. What do you see?

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:08 pm


What you have to work with is not nearly as important as what you choose to do with it. Many people who have become spectacularly successful started with nothing but desire and commitment. And there are many others who, though they started out with every advantage in their favor, ended up accomplishing very little. The race is not won at the starting line. Though it can help to have advantages going in, what really matters is not the going in but the going through. If you wait for the perfect situation, or the perfect mate, or the perfect job, or the perfect business opportunity to come along, you'll be waiting an awfully long time for something that really is not worth waiting for. Rather than holding out for the perfect situation, work with what you have right here and now. While others wait for what they'll probably never have, you can be moving ahead using what you already have available to you. The best resources are the ones you can effectively utilize in pursuit of your goals and dreams. And the ones you can utilize are the ones you have. Though what you have is far from ideal, it is precisely what you need to move forward. Make use of what you have, and you will move yourself surely toward whatever you desire.

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:19 pm


When you've attempted something and failed to achieve it, then made another attempt and failed yet again, and then failed once more, it can indeed be overwhelmingly disheartening. It is at this point, at this truly golden mind's eye of your future-past, however, where persistence is truly golden..and moments of which life's memories are made. Because each disappointment you experience not only brings you more knowledge of your adventure and yourself, it also serves as a powerful reminder of why you truly desire to succeed. It be a shame to waste all that motivation and knowledge, so keep going! Persist in what you know that you must accomplish! Experience the power of your disappointment, direct it anew via your persistence, and it becomes a force ot it's own which leads you forward. Persist! Adjust course a little if necessary. When persistence powers your vessel, the wind doth never leave your sails.

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:30 pm


It is always now. Though the future beckons and the past fills up your memories, what you always have, where you always are, is now. The successes that you enjoy are the successes which you work to achieve, not someday, not once upon a time, The road which you choose, the actions which you take, the sole path where your future meets your past, is the action you follow now. Though the past may still echo, though the future beckons with the promising whispers of the sirens, now is your time and not theirs, and now is your only flickering instant of glory, when you are making things happen. What are you waiting for? Now is here. This is your time...your time to live, to accomplish, to learn, to have fun, to move forward, to laugh, to love, to create, and most importantly to make a difference.
Every opportunity, every possibility that exists, exists now.

Make it the best it can be.

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:36 pm


A positive outlook does not depend on any particular circumstance. A positive outlook costs you nothing; yet it can bring you so very much.

The reason to be positive is not because of what has or has not already happened; it is because of how your positive outlook will shape the future!

Your positive outlook enables you to see possibilities that exist amidst all life's problems and obstacles; it will energize your actions and keep you focused on moving forward!

Is it naive to be positive, is it mere wishful thinking?

Most certainly not. Though it's foolish to ignore reality, it's even more foolish to give in to negativity when that reality gets too difficult. Every life is filled with positive possibilities. The more you acknowledge, accept and pursue them, the better off you'll be.

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:44 pm


Assumptions are essential.

Without making assumptions, we would be paralyzed by the need to think through every little detail of life. As we depend heavily on our assumptions, so it is important that they be accurate.

Be wary, though! Often we become so accustomed to and familiar with our assumptions that we rarely dare or even think to question them. Yet conditions change. People change. I change. You change. The world changes. You may still be acting on assumptions you originally developed years ago, while there's a good chance that many no longer hold true.

What have you done lately to examine and challenge your assumptions? Like a ship's anchor, your assumptions can keep you steady and stable, yet if your ship is to be useful, it must sail. And to sail, you need raise your anchor and unfurl your sails.

If you hold too firmly to your assumptions, you're likely to be stuck in one place. Make it a point to regularly challenge your assumptions; some will survive the challenge and continue to prove valuable, while others, to your suprise and delight you'll cast off to the past.

Free yourself from worn-out assumptions, keep your thinking fresh, and move your life forward.

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:49 pm


Be thankful for this day, and you will fill it with joy. Be appreciative of those around you, and they will bring much value to your life. Be grateful for your opportunities, and you'll find yourself making the most of them. Be thankful for what you have, and you'll get more from it. Be grateful for the challenges, and they will help you become stronger.

Appreciate the dark, cloudy days as well as the bright, sunny days.

Consider how very fortunate you are. Consider it often.

The more you count your blessings, the more there will be to count.

luckywithladeez 50M
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8/11/2005 7:59 pm


Some people look at the world around them and see endless problems. Others look at the same world and see unlimited opportunities. Likewise, some people look at their job and see a way to just get by, while others see in the same task ways in which they can distinguish themselves. Likewise, some look at a task and become discouraged and/or make excuses, while others see endless possibilities and become enthusiastic.

What do you see?

What you see depends not on what's there so much as it depends on what you're looking for.

What you are and what you can be; what you have, and what you accomplish; depends not on where you look, but on what you decide to see.

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