The Dance  

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8/1/2005 12:36 pm

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The Dance

The Dance

My true love comes to me on the gossamer wings of midnight,
The soft violet shadows of the darkness caressing her face,
The nightly revels of the moonlit dance finished.

Forever has she been my love,
The one faithful thing in this world,
Forever shall she be.

By day she heals the grievous wounds I take,
She eases my worn and troubled mind,
She salves my torn and broken soul.

If she asks it of me I will do it without question,
Her every request will be met with an unquestioning loyality,
Yet every night must I watch her dance with others.

I watch as my love leads them to the floor,
An endless parade of faceless people each like the next,
But no time has she to dance with me.

I watch as her graceful form glides across the hardwood,
So slender sleek and lithe,
Her ethereal gown floating weightless around her like thistledown.

The dance quickens now as it does every night,
Her movements become liquid and frenzied,
And still she misses not a step of the beat.

I stand longingly at the edge of the floor,
To watch her dance the night away with strangers,
Wondering when she will turn to me and lead me out.

Some of the participants are known to me,
Some have I given over to her,
Most are strangers that never have I known.

I cannot remember when I met my love,
Time races faster than I can pace,
I know now that she has always been with me.

I do not think that she understands what I need from her,
Or perhaps she is simply unwilling to provide it,
All I know is that I long for it with every ounce of my being.

So every day I gird myself for war and take up my weapons,
Always hoping that this will be my night,
Always longing for the dance.

I do not know what I must do to prove myself worthy,
I know not what else I could do,
There are limits even to my strength and endurance.

So I will give everything I have,
Everything I am until there is nothing left,
The heart of the warrior and the soul of the poet will lead me to her.

Perhaps tonight will be my dance,
Tonight she may come to me and lead me off,
Give to me the one thing that I desire.

Dance with me my one faithful love,
Dance with me my lady Death,
I am ready.

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