Not so typical days  

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9/27/2005 8:20 pm

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Not so typical days

Just thought I'd tell you a work day in my overly exciting life.

Wake up....yada yada yada.....skip the boring stuff....Ok, get to the train station. Does anyone have the pleasure of taking the Septa Regional Rail line to work??? I do and its quite the commute!

There are commuting rules you know.
1. Look miserable
2. Act miserable
3. Never ever talk to anyone!

Rule number 3 is the most important. I noticed that the same ppl take the same train and sit in the same seats everyday. But try to say hi what do they do? They call you a freak! Yes I was called a freak because I said hi to a girl next to me that Ive see 50 times before and never said a word til that day!

Of course I just laughed in her face and proceeded to stare at her the entire trip into town....I love annoying grumpy whiners!

I get off the train and walk to the office 873 steps btw, and again pass the same ppl every damn day and they act like they have never seen you in there life....C'mon...I see you see me, so stop the act! lol. I happen to be friendly with all of the vendors....the paper guy, the flower couple, the umbrella man, the coffee ppl, the door men and parking valets.....they say hi all the time...we're all chums! lol Phildelphians are stuffy!

Now I'm in work. Boooo....ok its not that bad . I have my little morning ritual, login, phone and email messages.....mail....calander....ok set for the day....turn on AdultFriendFinder....on the left shoulder is the Devil...go in and chat....God on the right....Don't do it son...its only going to distract you. Guess what I do? Yeah, I log on and check it out. You all know what's there so I'll move on.

Office politics. I wanna teach a class on that. Sings to System of a Downs Cigaro....."My nose is much browner than yours" If you havent been walked on by some idiot ass kisser than you are one. I did and learned how to avoid that ever happening.

Meetings..........boring and a waste of time!

Hot girls.........dont even think about talking to them.

Refrigerator......You cant just eat whatever you want in there. thats just wishful thinking!

Coffee............where ever you work the coffee always sucks!

If you think I rambling I am...its my blog and I'll do what I want. Besides no one reads this shit!

Oh and back to the day. I actually got yelled at for playing frisbee golf in the was my freakin lunch break and they say I cant do that. Too many rules! They actually expect me to read all of my email too, but 80% of it Im copied on for no reason.....I get like 650 emails a week and they want me to read it when it has nothing to do with me....grrrrrr.

Wow, that was the most babbling writings'll add on to it later....Im bored with it now so I am going to read. Nite!


pseudohippie 51F

10/13/2005 7:21 am


You know, I could actually envision the stroll down 17th Street...

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