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3/28/2006 2:40 am
Naughty Doggerel

Silliness & Naughty Doggerel

Remember any naughty chants or rhymes from primary school?

Try this one ‒ IMHO ‒ best read aloud over a few drinks

My friend Billy
Had a ten foot willy

And he showed it to the girl next door

Who thought it was a snake
And hit it with a rake

And now it’s only four foot four

Hope readers have LOL with this ‒ Readers of my prior article on water shortage/how to become a literary celeb/ manufacturer of quality unguents ‒ may recall my desire to reduce silliness in my blog

I have clearly had a change of mind.

Please note I not the author of the above verse, and merely repeat it from childhood memory.

Wayheyman says “Just cut the bugger orff Billy, goarn my son, give it a bobit that’ll sort it for yu, know what I mean - wayhey”

And now for………


I became quite interested in how a blog could win a non-fiction prize, so I mounted my trusty search engine and with the traditional cry of yahoo quickly located the blog.

It’s disclaimer time folks

I have no connection with either the author or blog, other than to discuss it here.

I neither condemn nor condone its contents and reserve my right not to discuss it publicly any further.

However I will most likely be buying the book and may choose to review it.

I’m not going to give a link ‒ but for those interested the authors pen name is riverbend ‒ the book of the blog is Baghdad Burning and it won the Samuel Johnson prize for non fiction for this young Iraqi woman.

A much needed return to Silliness

Readers please stay tuned to my blog for my forthcoming erotic sci-fi short story featuring a brand new character - Captain Digidickants

Useless Factoid

In Orwell’s classic novel 1984 ‒ porn novels are written by machines designed entirely for that purpose.

Kindest Regards Johnny

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