Best sex to date!  

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5/5/2006 6:47 pm

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Best sex to date!

My best sexual experience was down in New Orleans last may. I t was my sisters graduation night from Tulane and we were out all night partying. My sister’s roommate had been flirting with me all week! She is very cute and we really hit it off. We were in a bar talking to each other and we just started kissing. For a long time we took no notice of those around us.
When it was time to leave she whispered in my ear, “Please come back with me.” Okay! We got back to the house and everybody was going to sleep. So I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom and closed the door. We kissed for a long time and knelt on her bed.
Then she said, “I promised your sister I wouldn’t seduce you.”
I just smiled, unbuttoned her blouse and said, “I know you want me, and she has no say about what I do.”
“Take me.” She replied.
I removed her blouse and saw that her bra was the front opening kind and unclasp it with my right hand. It sprang open her large nipples spilled out in to my hands. She started to unbutton my fly, but then reached down my shorts and grabbed my hard cock. She held it my hands and I held her pert breasts and kissed her. Finally I let go of her because I was getting really horny and wanted to slide between her legs. She finished unbuttoning my shorts and pulled them off of me. I grabbed her zipper and unzipped her skirt. She had on the cutest thong. She lay on the bed and I knelt between her legs. I slid her panties off and saw heaven. She has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Well formed outer lips and she shuttered when I touched them with my fingers and opened her to reveal her inner lips. She looked at my penis while I was stroking her and held me in her hands. She pulled me down on top of her and I started to suckle her nipples. Then I kissed her lower and lower until I could smell her musky scent. I sent my tongue in between her hot lips and tasted her clit! She moaned with the pleasure that was giving her and stroked my head.
“I need to feel you from inside of me!” She whispered. I rose up and positioned my hard cock in front of her wet pussy.
“Do you need a guide,” she asked.
“I know my way in,” I replied
I touched her outer lips with the tip of my penis and said, “That where it goes!? Ready! Set! Fuck!!!!”
And I sank my shaft into her wet pussy. It was great she moaned but was laughing at the same time because of my remark! We were both real ready and came together with only a few of my thrusts. I rolled off her and held her. We snoozed for a few minutes and then she pulled me back on top of her and I was ready to go again. We had sex six times that night! We wore each other out that night. Every fifteen minutes she just knew I ready to go again and would pull me back on top of her. And I slid back inside her warm pussy. I fucked her raw but she never dried out, she was just so wet and warm and I kept giving it to her just like she said she liked it. There was no AC so slept on top the covers and it was great. We woke up about 9 in the morning and took a shower together. We started to wash each other but I got hard again seeing her there under the running water and so picked her up and let sink down onto my cock. I could feel her tight pussy around my hard penis, we humped for a long time in the shower. Eventually she let me ride her doggie in there and I filled her hot pussy with met cum in the steamy shower! What a night!!

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