HONESTY! Mr & Mrs Smith, the movie  

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1/30/2006 7:05 pm

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HONESTY! Mr & Mrs Smith, the movie

OK, ok, I know a lot of women will probably boycott this movie because "it's the one that broke up Brad and Jennifer!" DAMN you, Angelina Jolie!

But I love this movie, and after watching it for the third time (well, really 2 1/2 - but that's another story) I'm wondering if the "chemistry" between Brad and Angie did it, or if maybe the message of the movie might have hit a little "too close to home".

If you haven't seen it, watch it before you read this post. If you have, think about the "marriage counseling" scenes at the beginning and end and compare them. What changed? They became HONEST with each other!

Even when it hurt. Remember when Brad asked "how many?" (I'm still not sure if he was asking how many sex partners or how many assasinations. The first time I watched it I thought he was asking about sex partners, but considering their competitive natures I like to leave that open-ended). Proudly, he announced high 50's, low 60's (ladies, here's another clue - men tend to be "big picture" types: we aren't much into details. Which was aptly presented in the "5 or 6 years ago" references.). Angie blurted out "312". (women do tend to be a little more detail oriented - still, 312!!!! WTF?!?!?!?)

"Some of them 2 at a time"

In the end, it turned out that they were a great Team. Only after they got past the lies and deceptions. It was a painful process, but in the closing sequences it was obviously worth it.

Which emphasizes my point - the most important aspect in any relationship is HONESTY.

Even if it hurts a little at first.

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